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Restyle your Old Clothes with Accessories…

Shoes: Tory Burch • Dress: Old! • Watch: Michele • Bracelet: Stella and Dot • Cuff: David Yurman • Handbag: Zac Posen • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: T & J Designs • Lipstick: Chanel

If you read my blog last week, you’d know that I am not shopping until Labor Day – I know, I’m crazy! This includes the Nordstrom Sale <insert stunned face now>. I’m trying to take a minute, evaluate the clothes I have in my closet, and actually wear them.

This dress is a hand-me down from my bestie (I’ve borrowed it from her for a long time and got it in her last closet purge – thanks sis!).  But I just love the print – Always have! And it fit me so well. I decided to wear it out to dinner with the fam and thought I’d dress it up a bit.

I paired it with my Tory Burch flats because they are so easy to dress up or dress down (one of the reason’s I wear them all.summer.long!). I also paired with jewelry that easily adds some glam to the look. But the one accessory that can always pop your outfit is – the handbag!! It’s all in the handbags. I decided on this particular cross body because it was a neutral color with some metal details. Since the dress is full of color, I thought I’d focus on the gold elements rather than a bright color.

How do you style your old clothes?

Petite Shopping Petite Style Guide Weekend Style

4th of July Outfit Inspiration…

Shoes: Tory Burch • Dress: Zara (On Sale for $19.99!) • Clutch: Clare V • Sunnies: Karen Walker • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: YSL #1 Le Rouge • Ring: David Yurman 

Ok – I’m going to get right to it: I know my legs are as translucent and pale as Casper the Ghost – so sorry that you have to see them like that (I didn’t have time for a spray tan!). But don’t worry, I’ll be using my at-home self tanner (St. Tropez is my fave!) this week.

I’m definitely going to want to use my self tanner with the 4th on the horizon. I LOVE – let me repeat – I LOVE the 4th of July! I love the spirit, the love, the way we come together on that holiday and celebrate our Independence. It’s a really good time to reflect on ourselves – are we truly being the people we want to be, are we serving others, are we standing up for who we want to be in this life? All of these reflections are popping into my head this week. I’m planning on doing a ‘New Years Resolution Check-In’ blog post to see where I’ve come since I stated my resolutions. Stay tuned for that.

Back to the 4th – if you haven’t figured out what to wear, may I suggest you grab your keys, hop in your car, and drive over to your nearest Zara – guys, this dress is on sale for $19.99! (It’s hard to tell, but it’s navy blue) Grab one for yourself, apply your favorite red lipstick, and sunnies and ladies, you’re all set! I’ve worn this dress a few times already and it’s super comfortable – the fabric is soft and actually thicker than you’d think (given the price). It’s perfect for a 4th of July party, BBQ, fireworks show – just don’t forget your blankets at night!

What are you doing for the 4th?

Petite Shopping Petite Style Guide Weekend Style

5 Spring Sneakers from Bargain to Boujee…

Shoes: Steve Madden (Only $39.90!) • Denim: Banana Republic • Top: Anthropologie (Old! Similar style here!) • Clutch: Louis Vuitton • Ring: David Yurman • Cuff: David Yurman • Watch: Michele • Earrings: J.Crew (only $19.50!) • Lipstick: Liv it Up by Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve been eyeing these Steve Madden’s for about a month and finally saw them at Nordy’s….on sale! (They totally remind me of 8th grade when we wore these exact same shoe but they were all white!) And they are only $39.90! Probably the least expensive shoe Nordstrom sells 😉 But hey, I’ll take ’em. They are actually pretty comfortable too.

There have been so many sneakers this spring that have been so darling – from Adidas to Steve Madden to Nike – they all pair well with spring dresses and denim. If you are looking for a pair or two for spring, I thought I’d share 5 different pairs, all at different price ranges.

Below are my top 5:

  1. Tory Sport Ruffle Sneaker | $225 | I saw these sneakers when they came out a month or so ago, and I instantly LOVED them! The ruffle with the color border adds the perfect detail to a simple shoe. I would recommend to pair these with just about any spring outfit that comes to mind – some skinny jeans and a tank top or a casual sundress – these are dressy, yet simple and casual to throw on with anything.
  2. The Steve Madden Wedge | $39.90 | I already gave some details as to why I love these, but I forgot one thing – the color. This grey is to die for. It’s not too light, not too dark – it’s the perfect grey. And it acts as a neutral so can go with anything. They do have a few other colors to pick from as well.
  3. Signature Adidas Superstar Sneaker | $79.95 | These are major throwback to Junior high for me – anyone else? These were so in back in the day. I love how sneakers are coming full circle. I am going to be honest, as a petite gal, these sneakers do not do it for me. They make my feet look HUGE, which isn’t flattering on a girl who’s 5’0. BUT, I love them! And when I see them on taller girls, I’m always so envious because they look so good. I’d recommend to pair these with a sundress and/or a casual jumpsuit. I had a gal at the office wear these with a black and white striped jumpsuit and I thought, ‘That girl looks fly!’. So ladies, definitely try it out!
  4. Chuck Taylors | $49.95 | White chuck taylor’s are probably one of my fave sneakers to wear. I’ve had a pair for about 2 years now and they have been great to wear with just about anything. I’ve worn them with a dress, denim, and shorts. They are more of a slender shoe, which helps us petite gals. I’d recommend Chuck Taylor’s in any color – you won’t regret it.
  5. Air Max Thea Nike Sneakers | $115.00 | Ok. I don’t have these, but they are probably one of the best looking sneakers I’ve seen. The thick sole and the subtle Nike swoosh makes the shoe. My favorite color is the Oatmeal because it’s neutral and can be paired with a variety of outfits. I would recommend pairing these with loungewear attire or denim. They are a bit too casual to pair with a dress (in my opinion!) but are perfect for that casual, Saturday brunch look.
Petite Shopping Petite Style Guide Weekend Style

A Closet Staple | $20 Tee's…

Shoes: Tory Burch • Black Denim: Paige from Nordstrom • Top: Brandy Melville from Nordstrom • Necklace: Grandmother’s (similar style here!) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Handbag: Valentino • Earrings: Kate Spade • Lipstick: Liv It Up by Charlotte Tilbury

This past weekend, Chuck and I went down to Las Vegas to visit his dad, who is living there for part of the year (to get away from the rain here in Seattle! I can’t blame him!). We had such a blast. From Nascar to the David Copperfield show to racing cars ourselves (I know! so crazy but so fun).

Check out my Instagram for photos from our weekend!

Today’s post is all about the perfect tee you need to have in your closet. It’s perfect for fall, spring, and summer. I recently purchased this one at Nordstrom and have been loving it. The color is perfect! I love incorporating these tee’s with a blazer and a pair of jeans or black denim for work or a pair of joggers or leggings for weekend errands. This particular tee is only $20 and is super soft and comfortable. If you think t-shirt’s are a bit too casual for work, you can easily add items like statement necklaces, colorful heels, bold earrings, or a red lip to dress it up.

It’s always great to have tee’s in your closet. You never know when you need them to layer or to simply throw on when you’re on the go.

Below are a few more Brandy Melville tee’s around $20 that you’ll love:

  1. Adeline Top//$16 | It’s hard to tell, but this top is heather gray – love the soft color for summer!
  2. Camden Top//$18 | The gray, v-neck top is my fave. Gray is a great neutral to wear year round.
  3. Billie Top//$18 | This is your classic, white tee. Easy to pair with just about anything.
  4. Jamie Top//$18 | I love the blush color in this tee – I mean, anything blush is a yes from me!
  5. Mason Top//$15 | I love the deep red color in this tee. Easy to pair with black denim!
  6. Raine Top//$25 | The mini-ruffled sleeves add the perfect detail to wear in summer and spring.
  7. Tori Top//$18 | The orange neckline sold it for me. I love small details in simple items like tee’s!
  8. Rin top//$18 | This light yellow, exposed shoulder top screams Easter! Perfect to pair with a skirt.
  9. Ryder Top//$18 | This baby blue is so sweet and would be perfect to wear with white denim!
  10. Jolie Top//$22 | Either the white or navy blue are great. Love the detail on the shoulder to add to an outfit.

What are you favorite tee’s?

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3 Tricks to Wearing Joggers for Spring…

img_2590 img_2589 tanktop2-1tanktop3-1 tanktop-1

Photo Cred: Kim Mitchell @freshouttakes

Shoes: DSW • Joggers: Birdee Clothing • Top: Birdee Clothing • Handbag: Saint Laurent • Gold Cuff: The Styled Collection (on sale for $39!) • Silver Cuff: David Yurman • Watch: Daniel Wellington • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Ring: David Yurman

With spring almost around the corner – at least, I’m crossing my fingers that it is. Here in Seattle, it’s been pouring rain all day, every day for the past week, not to mention a bit of snow intermixed (wonderful!). But I’m staying optimistic that spring will come around soon!

Luckily, I found the perfect Spring outfit ideas to put together for date night or a day with the girls. If you’re petite like me, you may be thinking, how the heck are you wearing joggers? They can feel and look baggy, a bit too flowy and frumpy on us petite gals. I get it, I get it! Don’t worry, I got you covered. I found this entire outfit on I really like this online boutique because the owner is petite like me. So when she purchases the items on the site, she keeps us petite gals in mind. Every piece I’ve worn from Birdee Clothing has fit really well. Keep your eyes out for more outfits from them!

I have put together 3 tricks to help us pull these fun pants off. Because trust me, your going to want them – they are seriously THE most comfortable pants I own and they are so darling on.

  1. Pair with a Crop Top. I have always had a love for crop tops! As a petite gal, they fit me really well – they aren’t too long or too short. Plus, you can pair them with just about anything – jeans, joggers, skirts, or shorts. The trick to these tops is since they are shorter than a typical top, they break up the outfit and elongate your look (shockingly!). Plus, they aren’t typically baggy since they are intended to be a tad more fitting. This crop top is my all time fave and one I’ll be wearing non-stop this spring and summer! I mean, the criss-cross back detail and linen material make the top <insert heart eyes>.
  2. Fitted Tops are Most Flattering. Add a fitted top like this one from Birdee Clothing. These tops look super slimming on any gal – petite or not – plus allows the joggers to be the flowy, statement piece without looking too frumpy. And you can wear these basic tops with anything. I love having fitted items like this in my closet to pair with anything.
  3. Off-the-Shoulder Tops Tucked In. If you pair these joggers with an off-the-shoulder top like this one – you’re set. You’ll want to make sure you tuck it in so it gives a slimming look. The exposed shoulders and the color of this top would pair perfectly with these joggers and not take over the outfit.

If you are interested in putting these outfits together for Spring, head over to Birdee Clothing and stock up!

xo Lauren

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3 Classic Accessories to Wear with Anything, Everyday..

saint-laurent saint-laurent-2 saint-laurent-3 saint-laurent-4 saint-laurent-5 saint-laurent-6

Shoes: Joes (old! similar style here!) • Jeans: Banana Republic (similar with no distress) • Sweater: Nordstrom • Sunnies: Celine (similar style here! Only $14.79!!) • Bracelet: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Watch: Michele • Handbag: Saint Laurent (similar style here!) • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

Happy New Year everyone! I’m totally going to say the same thing everyone is saying…I can’t believe it’s already 2017! Where did 2016 go? I am so looking forward to 2017! I feel much more ready for the new year than I did last year.

If you’ve followed Fiercely Charming for a minute or awhile, you may have noticed that I always wear my Michele watch and my David Yurman ring. I mean, always, without fail. I am a firm believer of classic jewelry that I can wear every day, with any outfit. Both of these items are super special to me as well. Let me tell you the backstory on each.

The Michele. When I graduated from college, I started a full-time job in Marketing. I told myself that when/if I get my first bonus, I want to buy myself a Michele watch. I have eyed this Michele watch since I was 18 years old. But let’s be real, when you ask your parents for a $2,000+ dollar watch, they laugh in your face. So I knew that I needed to work hard to make this purchase. After a year of working hard, my best friend and I went to the Nordstrom and I bought it. I did it! I bought it! I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe I was able to do this. Such a privilege. Now, fast forward to today – 6  years later – I have worn my Michele every single day. I’ve worn it in weddings, to fancy dinners, and every day at work. It’s one of those classic pieces that you can wear on any occasion to any event or day-to-day activity. If you’re looking for a timeless watch, I’d recommend this one for sure. It’s not inexpensive, but trust me, when you end up wearing it all the time, you’ll get your money’s worth and look at it as an investment.

The David Yurman Ring. About 4-5 years ago, I was introduced to David Yurman through a few friends who owned some of his beautiful jewelry. I loved the rope look that tied a ring or bracelet together. I originally wanted this one. But it was really big on my finger (which I like, but it was too much!) and I’d have to say the price was up there as well. On my birthday, my parents surprised me with the current ring I have and I fell in love. It’s the perfect size and one that goes with any outfit. Plus, I loved the onyx. It looks so bold and beautiful. Ever since that day, I wore that ring on the regular. It dresses up my right hand and I never buy rings.

The David Yurman Bracelet to Match. The third piece of jewelry that is classic and one that you can wear everyday is this David Yurman bracelet. This one is new! I received it as a gift on Christmas. My dad always likes to spoil me (my mom does too, but really my dad is the spoiler when it comes to jewelry!). He’s gotten me interested in it ever since I was a little girl. He knew I wanted this bracelet to match the ring and to stack with my watch. So on Christmas, I was definitely surprised when I opened it. Such a sweet gift. I have been wearing it everyday since Christmas and I must say, it looks so good! I’m loving it. I’d definitely consider a David Yurman bracelet as a classic piece of jewelry that you can wear with anything, every single day.

What are your favorite classic accessories?

Petite Shopping Petite Style Guide Weekend Style

Host or Guest? | The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit…

valentinos-2valentinos valentinos-3 valentinos-4 valentinos-6 valentinos-7

Shoes: Valentinos • Jeans: Rag and Bone • Jacket: (old from White House Black Market) Similar style here • Top: Banana Republic • Watch: Michele • Bracelets: Alex & Ani • Earrings: Kate Spade • Lipstick: Rebel by MAC • Lip Liner: Vino by MAC • Ring: David Yurman

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Or are you a guest at a family or friends Thanksgiving dinner? Well, I’ve got your outfit covered. With the fun festivities only 2 days away, I thought I’d provide a few tips to help you put your Thanksgiving outfit together.

Below, I’ve given a few reasons why this outfit is perfect if you’re hosting or if you’re a guest:

  1. The Host. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I AM SO EXCITED! I just love having our family over and sharing in festivities that make you reflect and be grateful for what you have. Along with that comes cooking/prepping for the big feast. I don’t know about you, but when the oven is on and the stove is heated up, I always get warm. So when it comes to wearing a cute outfit for the Thanksgiving holiday, I choose this one. For one, I can take my jacket off and simply wear my sleeveless blouse to keep me cool during cooking prep. Then once we sit and eat, I can put my jacket back on and complete my outfit.
  2. The Guest. When you’re a guest, you don’t have to worry about cooking (at least at the dinner destination), you may bring a bottle of wine or a side dish, but it’s already cooked prior to arriving. So you don’t have to worry about getting too warm in the kitchen. However, when I’m a guest at a dinner, I like to dress fancy but casual while being comfortable. This outfit adds a dressy style with the tweed jacket and jewelry detail, but remains casual and comfortable with flats and jeans. And if you happen to get warm at your family/friends house, you can simple take the coat off and maintain that cute outfit you were shooting for.

What will you wear on Thanksgiving?

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3 Ways to Dress Up Your LBD for the Holidays…

Shoes: DSW • Dress: Old from MNG by Mango (similar style here!) • Purse: Inzi Handbags • Watch: Michele • Gold Bracelet: Stella and Dot Silver Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: YSL #1

I know it’s the first week of November and I’m already talking about Holiday dress attire, but we are only a month away from when Christmas festivities begin! And I’m going to be brutally honest – I am so excited! I’ve even started listening to Christmas music (and I may or may not have started listening prior to Halloween).

When it comes to Holiday parties, I always want to buy a new dress to celebrate the best time of the year. But, it’s super hard around the holidays, because we’re spending money on gifts and that’s what’s most important. So, last year, I decided to dress up an outfit I already had – see post here. And this year, I plan to do the same thing so I save money and can spend more on gifts for family and friends.

This little black dress is one I’ve had for years now and has been perfect for several occasions, including weddings, galas, dinners, etc. Believe it or not, I haven’t worn this dress to a holiday party, so I plan on dressing it up for one this year. When it comes to little black dresses, it’s all about fancying it up with some accessories, i.e. shoes, handbag, bold lips, and statement jewelry.

Below, I’ve recommended a few options to dress up your favorite LBD that you already have in your closet.

  1. It’s all about the Lips. Take one of your LBD’s, throw on some red pumps, a red lip, curl your hair and you’re ready to celebrate the holidays.
  2. Harry Winston Who? Wear one of your favorite statement pieces – bracelet or necklace (depending on the neckline of your dress).  It doesn’t need to be an expensive piece of jewelry, but one that you feel comfortable in and can amplify your look. You can purchase some really cute statement jewelry from BP at Nordstrom for a great price.
  3. Keep it by your Side. Another option to dress up your LBD is a clutch. There are so many ornate clutches that can really enhance an outfit or colorful ones that can make a statement for your dress. Pick one of your favorites and hold it by your side the whole night. I guarantee you’ll get a ton of compliments. Who doesn’t love a handbag?

What do you love wearing to your Holiday parties?
















Petite Shopping Petite Style Guide

Our Anniversary #3…

anniversary anniversary-2 anniversary-4 anniversary-5 anniversary-6 anniversary-7 anniversary-8 anniversary-9

Shoes: DSW • Jeans: Blank NYC • Top: Forever 21 • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: YSL #1 • Handbag: Celine (dupe here!) • Earrings: T&J Designs

Last week, Chuck and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Not only did we celebrate our wedding anniversary but we also celebrated our engagement anniversary. Chuck proposed on October 14, 2012. Crazy to believe that was 4 years ago! Every year, when this week passes, I try to reflect on our previous year together – the memories we’ve made, the tough times we’ve gone through, and the hopeful blessings the future brings.

As we thought through the previous year, we had a tough one with grandparents. We both lost our grandmothers this year. They both were absolutely relentless and strong women, who lived an incredible life. But it is never, not ever, easy to lose a family member.

As we reminisced about the great memories, the things that came to our minds were not big moments, but rather, smaller ones – our house, our evenings where we get to eat dinner together, our great parents, our friends the Lord surrounds us with, our jobs, and lastly, each other. We honestly feel like we have more than we could ever need in this life. We are forever grateful.

Now onto how we celebrated! This year, I took the day off. I got my haircut, enjoyed a beautiful fall day, and spent the afternoon with Chuck. We dressed up and went to El Gaucho, one of our favorite spots, for dinner. We enjoyed a nice glass of Blanton’s (which we LOVE and cannot find it anywhere!! If you know where we can get some, please let me know!), a great steak, and the best bread pudding for dessert. To me, it’s super important to celebrate our anniversary on the actual day – October 12th. So that’s exactly what we did.

Now, as far as gifts went this year – I told Chuck, Let’s not do gifts this year! We need to save our money for Christmas gifts since it’s literally right around the corner. Well, I said that knowing that I would most definitely get him something. I’m a gift giver, so that was happening. I don’t know about you, but it’s so hard for me to figure out gifts for Chuck. He doesn’t ever ‘need’ or ‘want’ anything. But, lately, he’s been loving scotch. Whenever we go to a restaurant, he orders a glass of scotch or whiskey. So, I ended up getting him a scotch decanter from Tiffany’s. You guys – it’s amazing! If you need a gift for your man for the holidays, this is a great one. I wanted to get him the crystal glasses from Tiffany’s too but I couldn’t bring myself to spending $50 per glass. Instead, I went to Things Remembered online and ordered 4 crystal glasses with his initials monogrammed on them. They were $100 for all 4 glasses. Great deal! And Chuck loved them. He had no idea (a) I was going to get him a gift and (b) that it would be what I got him. So to me, it was a win/win! I surprised him and he actually really liked it.

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

xo Lauren




My Life Petite Shopping Petite Style Guide Weekend Style

Summer Style | 6 White Skirts You Need in your Closet…

white skirt white skirt 2 white skirt 3 white skirt 4 white skirt 5 white skirt 6 white skirt 7

Shoes: DSW • Skirt: Ann Taylor (on sale or $40!) • Shirt: old (similar style here!) • Necklace: Stella and Dot • Bracelet: Stella and Dot • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Purse: JustFab • Sunnies: Celine (dupes here!)

With summer in full swing, I live in skirts and dresses. They are so comfortable and are easy to wear in the heat. This particular one is on sale from $129 down to $40, so head to your closest Ann Taylor and pick yours up!

Quick story about this skirt – I wore this outfit two weekends ago to church and afterward, Chuck and I grabbed lunch. We ended up sitting outside at the restaurant and as I was walking to our table, a nail was popping out of the siding, snagged onto my skirt and ripped a huge hole in it! I was like, ‘NO!’ This has been the perfect white skirt. It goes with any top, any shoes, and has some texture/pattern that goes with everything. I thought to myself, well, my skirt is ruined! oh well. It’s just a skirt. Then, a few days later, I popped into our local Ann Taylor and they had one on the sale rack on sale for $20! no joke! So I had to buy it. It was meant to be!

There are other gorgeous, white skirts at Ann Taylor that may fit your summer style even more. See links below.

Cotton Twill Skirt | On sale for $29.50

Diamond Eyelet Pencil Skirt | On sale for $79.99

Linen Blend Full Skirt | On sale for $74.99 (I love this one!)

Marled Pencil Skirt | $89

Curvy Fringed Tweed Pencil Skirt | On sale for $69.88