Hi, I’m Lauren Husum

scarf 10A little about me. I am a New Orleans girl living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a hugger. I love flowers. Am obsessed with everything that has to do with stationary and card stock. And I I’m only 5’0. I live my life by these three principles – (1) I always think positive intent from people (2) I strongly believe there is a solution for everything and (3) Most importantly – the little things in life make the biggest difference.

My day job has a very open minded dress code.  We definitely have a wide range of outfits that walk through our building, that’s for sure. Even though there is flexibility in what we can wear, as a woman in the workplace, I have had to figure out my workplace style.  As I mentioned above, I’m only 5’0, so add the petite factor in the mix and I really have had to determine the right work style that allows my peers to take me seriously. I’ve figured it out and I want to help you find your right style so that you can feel composed, comfortable, and confident everyday.

Why Fiercely Charming? I created Fiercely Charming as a way to empower women – at the office, at home, at a girls night, wherever – through fashion. I have always been a firm believer that when you dress yourself in your specific style, you’ll walk out of the house feeling as confident as Kanye West. Don’t we all want that confidence 😉 I want women to come to Fiercely Charming everyday and leave feeling like they can conquer the world.  On Fiercely Charming, you’ll find Weekend style ideas, Office style for every workplace – professional or casual – and a style guide for my petite gals.

Throw your sweats on, grab a glass of bubbly, and plan your work week outfit with Fiercely Charming! Enjoy.

If you’d like to partner with Fiercely Charming, check out the different ways we can work together.

Thanks for stopping by!

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