3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him Featuring Yeti…

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Photo Cred: Kim Mitchell @freshouttakes

Yeti Hopper 20 Cooler • Yeti Colster • Yeti Load-and-Lock GasketYeti Rambler 36 oz. Bottle

I know tomorrow is Valentine’s Day but if any of you were like me this year, it snuck right up on you! Just yesterday, I was scrambling to think of something to get Chuck.  If you haven’t gotten your man a gift yet, I got you covered.

You’re probably thinking, ‘If I order these items today, I’m not going to get them in time for Valentine’s Day, tomorrow!?’ No worries. Here is what I plan on doing – whatever Yeti item you choose, print a picture of it and give it to him tomorrow night in his card. That way he knows it’s on the way! And I guarantee he is going to be stoked about it (and not even care that it isn’t here yet!).

Below are a few Yeti items (of all price ranges!) I would choose for the man in your life.

Before I dive into each Yeti item, I wanted to explain ‘Why Yeti’. I was introduced to the brand by Chuck. My husband, without a doubt, is obsessed with this brand. It is a durable, high quality brand that helps you enjoy the hobbies you love without worrying about your equipment. I have watched Chuck use the Yeti gear he has and constantly hear how much he loves it. So, when I need a gift, it’s my go-to store. You can learn more about their story here.

  1. The Yeti Cooler. First of all, let me just tell you, Chuck is in love with all things Yeti. If they made underwear, he’d buy them. But this cooler he had been eyeing for awhile. He loved the size, the sturdy material, and the color combo. This cooler can hold 20 pounds of ice or 18 cans of beer! For weekend camping trips coming up this summer, or diatribe adventures – this cooler is perfect. It’s higher in price at $199.99! But I promise you, your man will light up when you give him this!
  2. The Yeti Koozie. I’m going to be honest, I use this stainless Koozie all the time. Chuck has said, he needs to get me one! But this Koozie seriously keeps your drink cold and your hands warm. We just went to McCall, ID for a weekend trip and I used it the whole weekend. It was great. One thing I love is the black ring that you can see at the top. That unscrews, you put your beer or soda in the insulator, and screw it back on and the can never moves. Brilliant! Its a great gift for your hubby or boyfriend – at $29.99!
  3. The Yeti 36 oz. Bottle. This stainless steel bottle is perfect for the boyfriend that drinks a lot of coffee or water during the day or backpacks in the summer! It keeps water ice cold and your coffee hot, plus it doesn’t build up condensation on the sides (which is the best!). Chuck uses this all the time and loves it. If you want a gift your man can definitely use on a regular basis, I’d recommend this! It’s at a medium price point at $49.99!

Take a look at these items and if you buy one, let me know! And if you have any questions, please write a comment below or shoot me a note.

I hope your man enjoys it! Happy Valentine’s Day.

*This post is not sponsored. All comments regarding this brand are my own based on my experience.


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