How to Host a Stella and Dot Party…

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Shoes: Christian Louboutin • Dress: Nordstrom (old! similar style here) • Watch: Michele • Bracelet: Stella and Dot • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: Brave by MAC • Ring: David Yurman

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Have you heard about Stella and Dot before? If not, boy are you in for a treat. Stella and Dot is based out of San Francisco but have entrepreneurs all over. They sell jewelry (my favorite!), accessories, such as handbags of all sizes, sunglasses of all styles, and scarves of all patterns. You can shop their line online or at a local trunk show!

Many of you may have attended a Stella and Dot Party (aka trunk show), enjoyed yourself, but always toyed with the idea of hosted one yourself. Let me guess what’s been stopping you – you’re probably thinking, ‘Gosh, it’s just too hard to host a party with a bunch of gals!’ or ‘I’m going to have to drop some cash just to provide food and drinks for my guests.’  Well, let me tell you! Both of these status quo scenarios are false.

In this post, I’m going provide the inside scoop to hosting a Stella and Dot party.  I’ll cover how easy it is, how to pick a Stella and Dot representative, and the benefits you receive as a host.

  1. The Trick to Easy Hosting = Minimal Prep. I’ve hosted about 6 or so Stella and Dot parties over the last few years and absolutely love them. I always loved the idea of having jewelry to look at, try on, and buy (if you want!) while mingling with some ladies and drinking a glass of bubbly. What I’ve found is the easiest when hosting, is to provide beverages and only 2 appetizers. You don’t need to go out and spent $100 on sandwiches, meatballs, cheese and crackers, etc.  I’m talking mini quiches you can pop in the oven for 15 minutes and maybe a bowl of nuts and fruit and call it a day. I spent 20 minutes preparing the apps (mini quiches, bowl of blueberries, and bowl of almonds) and 15 minutes laying out the beverage counter (see pic above). Honestly, the prep time is basically nothing and you’re not spending an arm and a leg. Your Stella and Dot representative will come to your party about an hour earlier than everyone else and setup all the jewelry. You can see how she set all of the jewelry up at my house.
  2. How to Find your Stella and Dot Rep. Well, you are in luck! My girl, Kristin Johnson, is a rep for Stella and Dot and did a fantastic job on the last party I hosted (last Sunday!). I’ve linked her Stella and Dot page that allows you to send her a note. She is awesome. She takes 10 minutes at your Stella and Dot party to tell the story about Stella and Dot, the top 3 trends they are focusing on for summer, and how to purchase, sell, or host a Stella and Dot party.  Truly a great experience and I tell ya, everyone has fun!
  3. Benefits to Hosting. When you host a Stella and Dot party, the likelihood of some gals purchasing jewelry is high. (P.S. On the flip side, I always let my guests know that they do not need to feel obligated to purchase anything at my parties. I honestly just love having get togethers with great women!) Depending on the amount of money folks spend at your party, you will earn Stella and Dot rewards (money!) that you can use towards jewelry for yourself. You are also eligible to receive 1/2 off items depending on how much money was spent at your party. Not only do you get benefits, but your guests do too! If you have guests who like a couple of items, they can purchase them on the spot at your party. If you have a guest who loves a handful or two of items, then they can schedule their  own show to earn more money to spend on jewelry. If you have a guest or two who loves everything in the catalog, then they can think about becoming a Stella and Dot rep as well. All I can say is, Win-Win situation all around!

Are you ready to Host a Stella and Dot party?

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