Birthday Gift Ideas…

I’m 28!

I’m starting to feel like my metabolism is slowing down. I’m going to need to start hitting the gym asap. I mean I’m only 2 years away from 30! eek!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. Whether it was on Facebook, Instagram, over the phone, snapchat, etc. It means SO much to me. More than you know. Last Saturday, my girlfriends threw me a fun birthday party on a rooftop! Yes, a rooftop (I know!). They always go out of their way to make me feel special and boy did they nail it this year. They not only decorated this rooftop, they brought a TON of food, appetizers, drinks, and gifts…I mean, isn’t the party the gift? I stand corrected.


Pants: Banana Republic (on sale for $78!)• Top: Anthropologie • Handbag: JustFab • Watch: Michele • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: Revlon (and I don’t know what it was but my girlfriend, Kelcy, had it and I almost stole it from her! It’s the perfect color!)

In this post, I’m going to share the awesome gifts my girls gave me to help you with fun, birthday ideas the next time you need to get a girlfriend a gift.

  1. Citronella Candle. My girlfriend, Laura, gave me the cutest Citronella candle in this hand painted pot. I love it! Chuck and I just put in a back patio at our house last summer, so it’s going to be perfect when we host outside. I’ve linked a few citronella candles from World Market. Great summer gifts!
  2. Wish Necklace. My girl, Kara, gave me the Wish necklace you can see me wearing in the picture above. It is so dainty and darling. The intent is to make a wish, put the necklace on, and be bold knowing that you can wish without limits. I love it! It is also a fun necklace to pair with a longer chain. I’ve linked one from Dogeared.
  3. Handbag. My sister, Alyssa, gave me this adorable blush pink, cross body bag. Isn’t it super cute? I just love it. I mean, I love any and all handbags. But this one is perfect for summer. It’s light and easier to throw over your shoulder. But it isn’t too small where you can fit your wallet and phone, etc. It’s a great summer staple. Head over to JustFab and get one for yourself, I mean your girlfriend! It also comes in white.
  4. Milk Glasses with Caddy. My girl, Kelcy, gave me the most adorable milk bottles in a wooden caddy. And they have fleur de lis on the front. That is so me! I love my fleur de lis! I’ve been using them in the morning for my smsmoothieoothies and they are the perfect size. I also will be using them forflowers! I love multi-purpose items. I couldn’t find the exact ones online but I’ve linked a similar style. I’ve also posted a picture below so you can see how cute they are! Pardon the pic. I clearly was still trying to wake up. Hence the blurry photo and the sleepy eyes!


Now, I’ve got to share a picture of my beautiful girls so you know who had all these fun ideas! I hope they help you the next time you need to find your girlfriend a fun gift.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

From far left: Alyssa, Kara, Kelcy, and Laura


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