How to Pick the Right Sunglasses for You…

New Glasses 3

New glasses New glasses 2

Sunglasses: Ily Couture (Great Dior dupes!)

Before I write anything about sunglasses, I just have to comment on how pale I look. My goodness! I look like a highlighter…seriously! I may be hitting up Seattle Suntan for a spray tan soon! Sorry if I’m too bright on your eyes lol

It’s April and Seattle has been hitting some record breaking temps and the sun has bit hitting some record breaking shine! With sun and shine comes the necessity of sunglasses! I have a pair in my purse and in my car because my eyes are pretty sensitive to the sun.  I don’t know if its because we live in Seattle and get sun 3 months out of the year or what. When I was little, living in New Orleans, I never wore sunglasses. In fact, didn’t like wearing them because I loved the sun hitting my face. Clearly Seattle has effected my sun tolerance.

I have four sets of sunglasses that I rotate through throughout spring and summer. Two are nicer pairs of sunglasses that have polarized lenses (Karen Walker and Tory Burch). My other two are cheaper, super cute sunglasses ($20!), that are more for fun versus eye protection. The sunglasses I’m wearing in this picture are from Ily Couture and were only $22! They are super cute and great Dior dupes.

With Summer fast approaching, I want to help you figure out how to buy the right sunglasses for you. Below, I’ve listed a few tips to help me pick the right sunglasses for me.

  1. Pick the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape. I have a super small face. All sunglasses I wear look huge on my face. Majority of them are so loose that I have to go into an eye doctor’s office to get them adjusted to fit my face. If you have a more round face, I’d suggest trying on aviators or the cat eye sunglasses. They tend to look best and fit right. If you have more of an oval face (which is what I have), more of a round shaped sense or square shape fits well and looks great.
  2. Buy a Few. I know sunglasses can be super expensive so I would suggest to purchase at least 1 really nice pair of sunglasses ($100 or more) that are polarized and that actually protect your eyes. These would be used more when you are in the sun all day long! I’d also recommend purchasing one or two cheap pairs of sunglasses. Ily Couture and Francesca’s have really cute sunglasses for around $20! You can’t beat that. You can keep these in your car for a quick reference when you’re driving from point A to point B. Having a few pairs of sunglasses are (a) fun! and (b) allows you to try a few different styles to see what you like best.

I hope this helps! Enjoy sunglass season and let me know what your favorite sunglasses are.

xo Lauren

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