Part 2: What’s your Style-code?…

As many of you may know, I launched my 3 part Career Series last week.  Part 1 covered Diligence. Diligence is such an important trait to acquire and actively sustain in your life. I hope that post was helpful.

Today, I’m excited to cover two of my favorite topics – interviews + style. Sometimes these nouns don’t get along very well but when done right, your style can help make your interview a success.

I had a girlfriend call me and ask what she should wear to an interview that she had coming up. She said, “I always feel like you have to wear a white shirt, black pants, and flats.” Contrary to popular belief, this plain outfit is not the only outfit that works in an interview. Everyone has their own style, their own ideas of what they ‘should’ wear to an interview, and in my opinion, women should wear something that reflects their specific style.  At the end of the day, when you wear what you want to wear, you will feel confident and comfortable in your skin.  If an interviewer likes how your interview went but has 2 other candidates that they liked as well, you want to stand out.  This is where your dress/style can play a major role! You want them to think, ‘Those 3 candidates were great! But that one girl – she looks put together with her pencil skirt, ironed white button down, and statement necklace. She has a personality and isn’t afraid to show it off in this interview.’

After I got off the phone with my girlfriend, I told her I would put together a few tips-n-tricks + outfit ideas. Take a look:

1. Color is your Friend. Don’t be afraid to wear color to an interview. You want the interviewer to remember you and when they meet you for the first time, they’ll remember what you said, but the icing on the cake is how you presented yourself and how you dressed. You want them to say, “She was awesome! she’s organized, knows the industry well, and I loved her outfit!” Wear your favorite bold, statement necklace or that colored bag you bought last summer – show them your style.

2. You are YOU. When you wear an outfit to an interview that isn’t the same old boring look that everyone wears, it shows your interviewer that you are put together and wear what makes you, YOU! You’re not afraid to stand out a bit and take a risk by wearing a hot pink purse.  Employers want their employees to be confident in themselves and your dress/style is one of the best ways to show it.

3. The Lip Rule. Makeup is important (at least for me cause let’s be honest – this face without makeup ain’t pretty), but you really don’t need a ton of makeup to look gorg. Wear natural eye/face makeup and always wear a nude lip. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when you wear a bolder lip, it looks like you are wearing more makeup than you actually are. Every time I show up to work with a hot pink or red lip, one of my colleagues always calls me Taylor Swift – case in point – people notice.  In an interview, you don’t necessarily want them to think you wear too much makeup, so I always opt for a nude or pale pink lip. Brave by MAC is my favorite lipstick and gets me by day-to-day.

Hope those tips help!

Now, I’ve rounded up a few interview looks, with commentary, and links to wear you can purchase each item. Enjoy!

Which outfit is your favorite?

Outfit option 1

Shoes: Tory Burch • Skirt: Nordstrom • Top: Nordstrom • Clutch: Nordstrom

outfit option 2

Top: Nordstrom • Clutch: Nordstrom • Pants: Nordstrom • Necklace: Stella and Dot • Tote: Nordstrom • Shoes: Nordstrom

outfit option 3

Shoes: Tory Burch • Dress: French Connection • Black Blazer: Kensie • Necklace: Nordstrom • Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff

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