It’s the little things…

How many of you have hand-written a card recently to thank someone, send a birthday note, or just simply send a note to let someone know you are thinking of them?  Anyone?

Flower Journals: Sweet Briar Notebooks • Polka Dot Cards: Kate Spade • Red Dress Notebook: Niquea.d • Owl Cards: Graphique de France • Pink Girl Cards: Papyrus • Heels Cards: Papyrus• 2015 Planner: Brittany Fuson

I was having lunch with a girlfriend last week and we started talking about Kate Spade stationary (to die for!) – we both share the same love for all-things stationary. She mentioned that it has truly become a lost art.  And I have to admit, I completely agree.  These days, it’s become a thoughtful gesture that people extend to go the extra mile. It’s the smallest act of kindness but can truly make someone really happy.

Personally, I love collecting adorable, yet creative cards, paper, and other card stock material, but I deeply enjoy sending it to someone special. 100% of the time, people are happy but shocked that I sent them a card. Why is that?

I firmly believe it is not an important part of social etiquette anymore.  As I said, it’s more of a considerate gesture.  I’m not saying that people don’t send notes to their friends in other ways, i.e. text message, email, facebook, etc. – but the difference is, sending a card is personalized, hand-picked for you, and full of your precious time and thought.  Electronic ways are just…not. Who wants to receive an electronic birthday card? Eh, not me.

When I receive a card in the mail, I believe that the sender of that card, (a) thought of me, (b) went to the store and purchased a card for me, (c) took time and thought to write out a message, & (d) found my address, labeled it, bought stamps to mail it, and sent it off!  And when I receive it, I’m ecstatic. I always think to myself, how can such a small act of kindness make such a big impact on me.

I look at life as an abundance of many BIG moments happening all the time – from getting engaged to getting married to having kids to nailing your dream job to managing a social life to spending time with family and friends…I could go on – but in the end, we all remember those big moments…I mean, how could ya miss ‘em.  Those obvious things in life make an impact (duh!) but for me, they only do during the time that moment represents.  Following those big moments in time come sustainability.  That feeling at each of those instances doesn’t last forever.  We must continue to build and nurture those life moments.

That’s where little things play an important role.

What are the little things you may ask.  They are the times your boyfriend or husband bring flowers and a card home on a Tuesday, because…it’s Tuesday. When your friend plans a birthday party for you because she wants you to feel special. When your mom makes muffins and brings them over to your house every week so you have snacks. Or when an old friend sends you a card in the mail every few months letting you know they are thinking about you.  All of those examples are little things. And I tell you, those little things make a BIG difference. They not only maintain your relationships but enhance them.

Start by heading to your local grocery store or if you want to get fancy, head to Papyrus (one of my faves), pick up a card for a friend, and just write a simple message in there and send it.  It’ll put a smile on your face because you’re friend will love it so much. Guaranteed.

Need ideas of fun, cute stationary? Take a look below.


• 2015 Planner: Brittany Fuson •

• Notecards: Brittany Fuson •

Notebook: Niquea.d • Polka Dot Cards: Kate Spade

• Flower Journals: Sweet Briar Notebooks •

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