We’re Pregnant!…

Hi everyone – if you’re here, you may have seen our announcement on social media – but if not, we’ve got some exciting news:


I wanted to write this blog post to share our journey and give you all the fun details on how we found out we were pregnant this time. For those who are struggling through their journey, I encourage you to read my blog post about my miscarriage. Back in August, we experienced an unfortunate miscarriage and learned so much from that moment. We hope you know you are not alone – we know your pain, your loss, your sadness, your anger – but we pray that your faith and hope will show you that there is more to your journey than today’s current struggle. Fast forward to Easter (also our due date) – I wrote a blog post on what we learned through this journey – so whether you just miscarried or are still struggling with one – I hope this encourages you. We are thinking of you, we know what you’re going through, and we are here for you if you need anything – always remember – you are NOT alone.

Here’s how we found out…

Back in April we went to Scottsdale with my parents for a family trip – and I was SO excited for a fun, hot vacay with lots of pina coladas! 🙂 The day before our flight (was a Thursday), Chuck got the Norovirus – not food poisoning – the Norovirus! He was the sickest I have ever seen him – I felt so bad. He literally couldn’t keep anything down, to the point that he was so nauseous and in pain, that we had to go to the urgent care. They gave him 3 bags of saline and he still wasn’t in good shape. We went home and he could barely stand up straight (he was that sick!). So I didn’t know if we were even going to make this flight the next day, but by God’s grace, he rallied and we made it on the flight (woohoo!). At the same time, I had a head cold – so we were just a hot mess express!

We arrived in Scottsdale and Chuck started to feel better so we thought we were in the clear. Well, let me tell you more about our trip first – We had a light dinner Friday night which seemed to be okay for Chuck so we felt good. Saturday, we laid by the pool and my dad and I enjoyed pina coladas and margaritas – the drinks were definitely flowing! (Chuck was still not feeling good!). After our pool time, we planned to grab dinner but I was so exhausted that I thought I got heat stroke – I couldn’t keep my eyes open – so I slept from 6:00pm to 11:00pm – when Chuck woke me up cause he was sick again (NOOO!). Poor guy! Long story short – we ended up at the Scottsdale ER (sat in the waiting room for 2 hours with no help so decided to go home). Chuck slept it off and was finally on the mend. Talk about a stressful weekend – I felt so helpless!!

Fast forward to Monday and our last day – we were determined to have a great time. We went shopping throughout the day and enjoyed the sun. Well, I was supposed to start my cycle on Saturday (and it was Monday) so I thought, ‘I’m just late cause I’ve been so stressed with Chuck being sick.’ Well, we got home that afternoon before dinner, and Chuck and I decided to go to the local grocery store and take a pregnancy test (just to rule it out-or in!). We get to the store and we totally feel like high school kids – going to take a pregnancy test in the bathroom. So I do what I gotta do and Chuck tells me – Don’t look at the stick, I want to see it first. So we walk to our car and Chuck pulls the stick out of the bag and that one lovely word popped up – Pregnant! (I guess I didn’t have heat stroke 😉)

I was honestly shocked – like whoa!! really? I didn’t feel pregnant (like last time!). This is so surreal! We were so excited – so we went back into the grocery store and bought a gift bag – cause we had to tell my parents that night (we just couldn’t hold it in!). So we head back to our hotel, get ready for dinner, and before we left, we sat on our balcony and gave my parents the gift bag. My dad happened to peek in first and saw the stick and immediately he put his head into his hand and started crying (talk about a cry moment!). It broke my heart. Then my mom saw it and did the same thing.

It was such a special moment where all 4 of us had hope and faith and grace all at the same time. And this feeling wouldn’t be as deep and strong if we didn’t have our miscarriage and truly learn from it.

We are now 14 weeks pregnant – now don’t get me wrong – do I get nervous about baby, abso-freaking-lutely! But at this stage, I am trying to enjoy this time cause who knows if I’ll ever get this experience again.

We trusted in the Lord – in Him and in His timing – and we are forever grateful for the path He has put us on.


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