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Up Your Professional Game with 5 Must-Have Office Accessories…

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Shoes: DSW • Dress: Ann Taylor • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Handbag: Louis Vuitton • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: YSL #1

We all have our daily routines during the week. We wake up, get ready, grab coffee and jet set to wherever our work takes us. Whether it’s the office, on the road, PTA meetings, etc. – we all are busy with a job to do. On top of our day jobs, we all have to figure out what to wear every single morning. Our outfits can’t be too casual, our hair must look decent, and our makeup can’t yell, ‘Let’s go clubbing!’ on a Monday morning.

To help with these daily decisions we have to make, I have put together 5 work accessories that will make you feel confident and ready to get your job done.

  1. The Right Handbag. We all have lots to carry around with us every day. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, iPad, or simply a phone and notebook, we need something to carry it in. A well-made handbag is a must. One that is big enough to carry your things but not obnoxiously big that you could fit inside of it. Finding one that is leather with strong and sturdy straps are a must. This way, it lasts for a long time. A work handbag is something you should definitely think about investing in.
  2. Something Timeless. I don’t know about you, but I use my wristwatch all the time, every single day. When I’m running from meeting to meeting, I’m always using my watch to ensure I’m keeping time and not running too late. One accessory I recommend purchasing right away is a watch. It not only will tell time for you but looks timeless on your wrist and is easily fashioned up with some bracelets. Nordstrom has some great, affordable watches that look great and will be a life saver for you as you’re working through your day.
  3. Comfortable Shoes. Even if you have an office job where you’re primarily sitting at your desk, you still want comfortable shoes. It’s never fun having blisters on your heels from flats or heels. Invest in a comfortable pair of flats and heels. I recommend two brands – AGL and Paul Green. Check them out!
  4. A Handful of Lipsticks. Before I walk into the office everyday, I always put on some lipstick to complete my look. It could be a nude or bold red/pink I go with, but it always makes me feel confident and complete. My favorite lipsticks are YSL and MAC. They have plenty to choose from, so take a look and find your favorite color!
  5. Earrings for Every Outfit. You’re probably wondering – why isn’t she talking about jewelry all up? Well, I love jewelry! You can see many of posts accentuate the jewelry I love to wear, but one piece of jewelry that every woman owns are earrings. I have a few staple studs I wear on the daily but once in awhile I like to bring out my fancy earrings and dress up an outfit, similar to the one in this post. Stella and Dot have a wide selection of earrings, with a variety of them that can be work 3-4 different ways. These earrings I’m wearing can be worn 4 different ways and I love them. I can dress them up (like in these photos) when I’m feeling bold, or dress them down when I want to be neutral. Snag yourself some earrings for everyday!

What are your favorite work accessories?



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