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Tips for a Successful Girls Trip…

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Two weeks ago, I went on a girls weekend trip and had an absolute blast that I had to write about it. I went with my 4 girls that I met in college and have grown up with through my 20’s.  We always make time for each other even though our lives are super busy.  It’s always nice to get together and not worry about the stresses we face daily. This weekend was one of those weekends.  We had such a successful and fun trip with each other that I thought I’d share a few tips that can make your next girls trip the best yet.

  1. Pick the Right Location. When we decided to plan a girls trip, we didn’t want to go somewhere where we’d all go broke so we decided to go to Leavenworth, WA. It’s about 2 1/2 hours away, it’s beautiful, and we were able to stay at one of our girls’ family homes. Look at this view that we had every which way we walked. Stunning! Fall is the perfect time of year to head to Eastern Washington. Always sunny and gorgeous like this.Leavenworth
  2. Create a Hashtag. Yep, I said it. Come up with a fun hashtag that you can use throughout the trip to track all of your photos. With 5 girls snapping photos every hour, it’s nice to see them all in one spot.  We created one on our way up to Leavenworth. We all were so excited about Justin Bieber’s new song, What do you mean, (I know, embarrassing!) that we had to incorporate that into our hashtag. We came up with #whatdoyoumeangirlstrip2015. I mean, it’s a little long but it works! You can find more fun photos on my instagram @lauren_husumOn our wayGirlfriend Pics
  3. Don’t Plan Everything. Don’t plan out every second of the girls weekend. Choose 2-3 activities that you absolutely have to do and let the rest of the time happen.  We decided that we had to go this farm to table restaurant, Watershed.  The food was supposed to be super good so we planned to go there for dinner.  We also brought the movie, Bridesmaids, because it’s our fave movie. So we knew we had to make time to watch that. But these were the two activities that we planned.

Here’s how the trip panned out:

We arrived in Leavenworth around 11:00AM on a Saturday. We unloaded our stuff, walked into the town, and grabbed lunch at this Mexican restaurant, South. They had some smooth margaritas and great hot sauces. My kind of place! We finished up lunch and just walked. We popped into shops, did some damage, of course, and by late afternoon decided we needed a break. We headed back to the house and watched Bridesmaids, which was just perfect. After that, we got ready and headed to Watershed. Had a great few hours chatting the night away and eating some amazing food. Then headed back to the house to call it a night.  The next morning, we woke up, ate some breakfast, and headed to the local coffee shop, that had a great almond milk latte! After soaking up the last moments of girls weekend, we headed home.


Mirror Selfie

One thing I was reminded that weekend was there is so much more to life than work. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your work routine, especially if it’s really busy. This weekend allowed me to pause and reflect on what’s truly important. We put our hearts and souls into work, why don’t we do that for every other facet of our life? We can’t forget to do that.

Thanks to my girls, for their friendships, their love, support, and most importantly, their time. Love you all!

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