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I don’t know about you, but I think we should permanently have 3 day weekends. Maybe we can just extend a ‘week’ to 8 days and have 3 day weekends all the time. This weekend, Chuck and I really didn’t have set plans, which was so nice. We didn’t plan any getaway, we simply stayed home and chilled. The weather was kind of crappy anyway, so it was a perfect weekend to stay in and watch movies.

I may or may not have had a few glasses of wine too! And I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else, but if I drink a few glasses of wine and then go online and look at Nordstrom or other online boutiques, I end up ordering something. So bad! Yesterday, Chuck was like, ‘Babe, did you order something from T & J Designs?’ I literally stopped and rapidly racked my brain…I couldn’t remember. I know I was looking at their site the other night and they did have a 30% off sale going on. And then after a good minute and a half, I realized I totally ordered a few items while having a few glasses of wine. Woops! And P.S., I ordered the cutest tassel necklace that I cannot wait to wear. Stay tuned for that!

Ok, onto handbags. I have always been a lover of handbags. Any kind, any price, any color…I literally could have an entire room in our house dedicated to handbags because I love them so much! For my birthday, Chuck surprised me with a few things, but one item was the most beautiful, tangerine colored, Tory Burch cross body bag. You guys, I’m in love! It smells like leather, its so soft, and it isn’t too big. It’s just right for a cross body bag. The only issue is, I cannot find it anywhere to tag for you all. However, I’ve tagged one above that is slightly smaller, but an adorable saddle bag style.

Since there are so many new bags rolling in for the summer, I thought I’d share a few that my girlfriends have been loving and ones that I’ve been seeing so many girls wear. Let’s do this!

  1. Small Marion Quilted Shoulder Bag | Tory Burch | Ok, first let’s talk about this color – Blush pink. It’s beautiful and the perfect pale pink. To me, a bush pink colored handbag or shoe can act like a nude color. They can be paired with anything…I mean, anything! And its the perfect, soft color for summer. Can you picture wearing this quilted bag to a summer wedding? Um…yes. So adorbs. The other fab thing about this bag is it’s 33% off at Nordy’s sitting at a $331.65 price tag. I’ve linked it above, so if you like, get your hands on it stat!
  2. Marci Medium Chloe Handbag | In case you want to splurge on a handbag this summer, this Chloe is such a classic that will go with anything you wear. It is purely gorgeous. I know it’s black, which doesn’t seem like a summer bag, but let’s be honest, we all wear black handbags year round so it’s not like it won’t go to use. This one is a beautiful, structured but soft leather bag that probably smells amaze! They do come in other colors – bright turquoise and gray.
  3. Mini Thea Cross body Bag | Tory Burch | If there’s one thing that is in this summer, it’s tassels, tassels, tassels. Truly, I think I’ve seen a million tassels around town and on girlfriends. They are so fun and add so much character to an accessory or clothing item. This simple, cross body bag is not too big and is in this great cognac color that goes with anything. It also comes in black, blush pink, and a royal blue color. These Tory Burch cross body’s are timeless and can be worn year round. They are under $500 so if you want to invest in a bag that works all year and isn’t outrageously expensive, I’d go with this one.
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Feed Bag | My best friend has this bag in a burnt red color and it is gorg. I literally thought it was an Hermes! If you have eyed the Hermes bag that looks just like this one, I’d opt into this one. It’s definitely not $4K! I’ve seen it on my girlfriend firsthand and it isn’t too structured and not too slouchy, it’s just right. This blue color is to die for and can act as a statement piece all summer.
  5. Rebecca Minkoff Cleo Wallet on a Chain | I wanted to throw this bag in the mix because it is the perfect yellow color. It’s not too bright and not too light, it’s simply perfect. My first reaction to this cross body was that it would be fantastic for a summer wedding. I’m imagining a beach setting, wearing a floral dress, with this bad boy across your body as a subtle accent. It’s under $200 and would be a great clutch-like bag for the summer.
  6. Coach 1941 ’23’ Leather Saddle Bag | Ok, so when I was in high school, Coach was THE handbag to get. I remember for one of my birthdays, I got this black (with the C’s on it, of course!) coach bag with black tassels on the zipper and I was in love. I honestly thing that was the handbag that made me fall in love with handbags. Coach was legit! And then there was a period where Coach went off the grid for me, at least. Kate Spade and Tory Burch starting accelerating their brand and became my two go-to handbag brands. Then, all of a sudden, Coach came out with these gorgeous saddle bags and I immediately was attracted to them. They were a soft leather with a variety of colors to choose from. I remember my mom and I went to Nordy’s to do some shopping and saw them in person and fell in love. The gal that worked in the Nordy’s handbag section mentioned that Coach hired a new design lead and team, so all of their handbags are taking a turn for the better and I must say, I’m all in! This handbag is an example of the gorgeous color and the perfect saddle bag look. What do you think?
  7. Tory Burch Mini Saddlebag | I wanted to post the Tory Burch handbag that Chuck got me for my birthday but I can’t find it anywhere! You can find a peek at it on my Instagram and if you can find it, please let me know. But I wanted to share a similar look and style that Tory made. Isn’t it gorg! It comes in black, cognac, and a light blue, which would be so cute for summer. I love bright handbags for summer!
  8. Street Level Saddle Crossbody Bag | This bag is only $40! I wanted to post a super affordable cross body bag that can be worn year round. It is the perfect shape and seems to be the perfect size for a cross body – not too small or too big. If you want a saddle bag that isn’t over a $100 (which I completely understand!) I’d recommend this one.

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