Shellac vs. Dip Nails | What you Need to Know…

Alright ladies – I heard you! To all my girls who love a fresh manicure, I’m here to give you all the details on my experience with shellac vs. dip.  About a year ago, I transitioned from shellac from dip and will never go back. Instead of rambling on, I’m going to get right to it and give you and the pros/cons to both (based on my experience) and explain why I’ve switched to dip.

  1. Why I Switched from Shellac to Dip. I did shellac for years and ended up investing in a UV light and shellac colors to do my own nails at home (and save money!). But it got to a point where my nails were SO brittle and weak that would break and the shellac would easily peel off.  After spending time and money on them, I really didn’t want them chipping or being so brittle. So one day while I was at the salon, a gal was getting powder dip and I asked her what she was doing and she told me I’d never go back and that I had to try it. That day, I tried it and I was sold ever since.
  2. Pros to Dip. Dip lasts me about 3 weeks and NEVER chips – like, I’m serious – it has never chipped or peeled on me. And when there are a few weeks where I want to give my nails a break from anything on them, they remain strong and healthy vs. brittle and weak. The dip does not ruin my nails like shellac does. There are just as many color options with dip as there is with shellac so you don’t have to worry about a limited selection.  They remove dip the same way they remove shellac so the process is similar and it does not take any longer to apply. And, in my opinion, it makes your nails looks sharp 🙂
  3. Cons to Dip. The primary con is its between $10-15 dollars more expensive than shellac. At my salon, I pay $45 plus tip, however, it lasts 3 weeks vs 2 weeks with shellac, so it somewhat evens out for me.
  4. Pros to Shellac. For me, there aren’t any pros to shellac given they dried my nails and made them super weak. However, shellac does always make your nails look polished and sharp so I can’t deny that 😉

My recommendation would be to try out dip powder at your salon and see the benefits for yourself. If you are shellac girl through and through, stick to what works – but if you are on the fence and experiencing the same things I did, then try dip!

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