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Save or Splurge | Top 6 Sunglasses of 2018

Shoes: Target • Denim: Banana Republic • Top: Club Monaco • Blazer: Banana Republic (Old! Similar style here) • Sunnies: Tom Ford • Ring: David Yurman • Handbag: Saint Laurent (Similar style here)

When Spring rolls around, I just love purchasing a new pair of sunnies. And over the years, I’ve collected a few pairs and have loved switching them out depending on what outfit I wear. Today, I wanted to outline a few investment sunnies and then a few dupes with my honest opinion on which ones are the best.


1. Celine 50mm Gradiant Butterfly | I have owned these sunnies for 2 years now and just upgraded to this year’s look. Now, these are terribly expensive at $410 but I will say that they are strong sunglasses. I’ve probably dropped them a handful of times (or they’ve fallen off my head when I’ve hugged someone) and they have held up really well. They always look brand new and the lenses are high quality. I can easily keep the clean with a cloth. I would recommend these as an investment pair of sunnies that you could wear daily.

2. Tom Ford Beatrix 52mm | These sunnies are a new pair that I’ve added to my sunglass collection and I love them. I LOVE the black and purple lens look. All my brunette beauties: have you been told, oh that brown tortoise shell frame is best for your coloring? Well, I wouldn’t disagree with that statement but I do think the black frames or a black and white tortoise shell look really pops on us brunette gals. And that’s what I feel about these. Now, one comment I will make about these sunnies is the lenses. They aren’t easy to clean with just a cloth – you have to use glass cleaner which can be annoying when you’re in a rush and wanna wear them but they need to be cleaned. I would recommend purchasing these if you want an investment pair of sunnies that are not your typical, everyday sunnies.

3. Tory Burch 59mm Metal Aviators | We all need a pair of aviators, right? They are perfect for that Saturday BBQ in the summer and go with pretty much any outfit. I own a pair of Tory Burch sunnies and I love them. They are a flexible pair of sunnies which I like so I don’t have to worry about breaking them. And they are polarized lenses which I love because I hear that’s better for your eyes.  I would recommend purchasing either these TB aviators or RayBan’s because they are also known for their quality in aviators.


1. Anthropologie Vivian Sunnies | I do not own these sunnies but I have a girlfriend who does and she loves them. AND they look fabulous on her. Oh and they look like Celine dupes but much less expensive. I would recommend these if you don’t want to spend the gut wrenching $410 for the Celine’s – plus they are perfect for daily wear because they will go with any outfit.

2. Quay Its My Way 55mm | I do not own these but I’ve only read positive reviews on Quay sunnies. These sunnies are very reasonable and look just like the Tom Ford’s with their dark frame and dark lenses. I would recommend these if you don’t want to splurge on those Tom Ford’s but want the all dark frame and lenses look.

3. BP 60mm Large Aviators | Ok ya’ll, these sunnies are the best for so many reasons – let me lay it out for ya. 1) They are only $14! thats it. 2) They are perfect for those weekends when you’re working in the yard or going on walks with girlfriends because if you sweat, you can just rinse them and they are as good as new. And you don’t have to worry too much about them because, they are $14! 3) They are super flexible so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. I feel like I’ve been pretty hard on them and they are in great condition. I would recommend purchasing these because they’re the sunnies that you’ll wear whenever you don’t want to worry about them AND the dark frame and lenses look really rich and classy.

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