A few weeks ago, I kicked off a 3 part series on organization, specifically organizing your lifestyle, your profession, and your fashion.  For tips on how to organize your lifestyle in the kitchen, check out Part 1 of my organization series.  It covers a few tips that can make your daily life easier.

Today, I am discussing how to organize your profession while at home.  In my daily job, I have the opportunity to work from home once in awhile. The only way I can truly focus while at home is if my dedicated home office space is organized.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t work in clutter or chaos, it just stresses me out.

Over Labor Day weekend, I took time to organize my office space inside and out. It took me about 90 minutes but when I was done, I felt amazing and have kept it tidy and orderly ever since.

Here are some tips that can help you organize and stay organized in your home office:

  1. Store vs. Use
    1. Store What You Don’t Use Everyday. That might seem obvious, but sometimes it’s not. If you haven’t used a file folder, looked at a book that you’ve had on your desk for weeks, or used the stack of stationary you have in the middle of your desk, for more than a month, store them somewhere. (I use fun boxes to store some of my stationary so they don’t clutter my desk!) This will make space for those items that you do use daily.
    2. Find a Spot. As you organize the drawers and file folders, arrange based on what you use everyday and create a space for those items so they are easy to access.  For example, in the top drawer of my desk, I have my whiteboard markers, my paper clips, staples, macbook charger, and return address labels available and easy for me to access. I use these items at least once or twice (or more!) a week so having them quickly available makes it easy for me. It also helps me keep my desk drawer organized because these items have a place in my desk.

  • File Cabinet Chaos. I’m calling this section file cabinet chaos because I strongly dislike organizing my file cabinet. It always get super cramped and not fun to organize. It truly is chaotic. However, after organizing it this time around, I found some easy ways to keep it clean.
    • Unpack the File Cabinet. Take out every single file you have in your file cabinet. Go through each, file by file.
    • Shred vs. Recycle. Bring in 2 bags – one that can hold all the papers you want to shred and one that can hold all the papers that you want/can recycle.
    • Important Files In the Front. After you go through each file, identify the files you access on a regular basis and place them in the front of your file cabinet. Store all other files that you need to archive, in the back of the cabinet.
  • What’s On Your Desk? I’m a huge proponent of a clutter-free workspace, however, you have to keep certain items on your desk. For me, I only keep what’s necessary on my desk.
    • Decor. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers! If you’ve read any of my posts, you may notice I’m all about flowers to help brighten up any room. Each week when I pick up my bunch of flowers, I pick 2-3 out, place them in a small vase, and keep it on my desk. I also add candles to add some fragrance and seasonal decor to bring some personality to the space.
  • The Basics. My mom gave me these adorable Kate Spade accessories which bring a clean, but girly look to my desk. Always a bonus! Plus, I use my stapler, tape dispenser, and pen holders frequently so it’s great to have on my desk.

StaplerTape DispenserPen HolderDesk Tray

  • Files. Having a few files on your desk is okay. The ones I access on a weekly or daily basis, I place in my file holder in my Kate Spade file folders. This way I’m not opening my file cabinet as often and it takes me less time to reach the papers I need.

  • Pin Your Life. I have always loved cork boards. They are only $8 at Target and can showcase what’s going on in your life. I currently use mine to post scriptures, wedding invites, pictures of friends, ‘thank you’ notes, etc. But another option would be to hang an inspiration board. If there are photos you love that inspire you and your personality, print them at Target and pin them to a cork board. It can add color and life to your home office. And when you’re working, you can take a minute and look at what inspires you. Always a good break from work!

I hope these tips help keep your home office organized. Let me know what worked and if you have any tips you can share!

xo Lauren