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Two year ago today, Chuck and I said I do! ūüôā We had the best day of our lives that day. We were blessed with the opportunity to share our love with our families, friends, and each other. What more could you ask for? After our wedding, we looked at each other and literally smiled ear to ear. All we could talk about was how absolutely perfect that day was. ¬†We cherish that day so much and love reminiscing with pictures.

Since then, we’ve sold our condo, bought a house, built a shed, built a patio, threw a huge Christmas/Housewarming warming party (85 people!), and helped my parents move in down the street. (And P.S. we both have full time jobs!) It’s been a whirlwind of a two years but it’s pretty awesome. ¬†I have to say, the day I married Chuck, I thought to myself, ‘I don’t think I can love this man any more than I do already.’ Well, I stand corrected. As I reflect on two years ago from today, I can tell you that my love for him has grown so much deeper than I could have ever imagined. I truly thank the Lord daily for blessing me with him as my husband.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we all have our moments. ¬†By no means am I saying Chuck and I’s marriage is perfect, but as those ‘off’ days come and go, we always find a way to work out our issues or arguments so that the next time they happen, we handle them even better.

As you’ve scrolled through these pictures, you see all smiles, you see the love our families and friends brought to our day, but what you don’t see in these pictures¬†is the planning that took place months up to this date. ¬†Below are our awesome vendors that we had the pleasure to work with throughout the planning process. If you are planning a wedding and need recommendations, here is your go-to list!

  1. Flowers. Florist in the Foothills.¬†¬†We worked with a local florist out of Northbend, WA who we loved. There are two ladies who own this flower shop and they are absolutely lovely. ¬†We had a few meetings with them to give them a sense of what types of bouquet’s we liked and they did a phenomenal job. I mean, look at the pictures! You have to agree. Plus, Chuck and I really love supporting small businesses so we were even more stoked that we found them and could support.
  2. DJ. Brandon Ghorley. Your MC/DJ is one of the most important people at your wedding. They keep the wedding going and trust me, you need that. Brandon was much more than just our MC/DJ. He became a friend. We met up with him a few times to discuss music and the flow we wanted and we just loved him. And I’m pretty sure our guests loved him too because two friends of mine have used him in their wedding since ours. Before I move to the next vendor, I have to tell you what he did that truly wrapped up our wedding. ¬†By the end of the night, everyone was moving towards the lobby of the golf course where there was this gorgeous grand piano. Well, Brandon decides to move into the lobby with us and began to play the piano. ¬†Who does that? Brandon does. And if there is any DJ I could recommend, it would be him. Give him a ring!
  3. Save the Dates, Invites, and Programs, Oh My. Real Card Studio. One of my friends owns her own card studio in Ballard, WA. She is amazing! I mean, her work is absolutely superb. ¬†She created a wedding crest that you could see on our save the dates, invites, and programs. I even use it for our return address labels now that we’re married. It’s become a family crest that we will use forever. ¬†She loves coming up with a design that suits you as a couple. ¬†For a sneak peek at what else she’s helped me with, check out Chuck’s 30th Birthday itinerary – Real Card Studio put it together. Oh and my Fiercely Charming logo that you see at the top…all Real Card Studio! I’ve worked with her on our Christmas cards too. She is my go to gal for all things stationary so ladies and gents, give her a call. She’s awesome and will make your wedding stationary fabulous.
  4. Photography. Azzura Photography. We chose Azzura photography because when we had our initial consultation, we fell in love with the couple who runs the studio. Chuck fell in love with Ken because he rides dirt bikes so that was a perfect match from day 1. Then we met Tania and we instantly connected. She was so sweet, loves Marketing (and so do I!), and photography and made us feel at home in their studio.  Throughout the entire process, we loved having them part of our special day. Ken was our day of photographer and I truly felt like I had a family member taking our pictures. We loved having them capture our day and highly recommend them.

I hope this helps many of you who may be planning a wedding in the near future. Our vendors were the best and would love for each of you to experience the same love we felt on our day with these awesome people.

xo Lauren


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