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New Weekly At-a-Glance Planner by Brittany Fuson…

Planner: Brittany Fuson • Desk Planner: Brittany Fuson 

So I’m gonna be straight – I’m hands down Brittany Fuson’s #1 fan! You can ask any of my friends – they know I have every card stock or notepad or planner she has ever made. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and every ‘new’ item she puts out there, I love to try.

She recently launched this Perpetual Planner for your desk and I had to have it (and it was only $28!). I had it on my desk at home so I can easily see my week at-a-glance. It makes it easy for me to plan my blog posts each week, Instagram content, and dinners. 🙂

Not only is it functional, but Brittany is truly an artist and has the most darling fashion drawings on her work. She has these darling girls that she draws in the most trendy looks at the time. I’ve literally saved the last 3 years planners because I have a vision one day, to frame a few of her drawings out of them.

If you are interested in new stationary that’s fun, fashionable, and – lets be real – you know your girlfriends would love to receive, check out Brittany Fuson.


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