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Calling all mama’s out there! I’m here to tell you about my 3 favorite products that we have used ALL the time with Charlie. Like, literally we would not survive without these three products so I had to share.  And I’m partnering with my girl, Nichole, who is also a new mama – she is sharing her top 3 favorite products that she uses with her sweet girl. Head over to @fishbowlfashion to get her tips!

Below, you’ll find my 3 fave mama products, including why they have become our fave plus how we’ve used them.

  1. Owlet. My mother-in-law bought us the owlet for my baby shower and it has been an essential item in our house. When Charlie was born, he came home under 6 pounds so I was a bit worried about him while he slept at night so we put the owlet sock on his foot and it gave us such peace of mind. We’ve been using it ever since. It comes with a few different sock sizes so as the baby grows, it can fit their foot – there is an app that you download on your phone and it measures your babies heart rate and oxygen level so you can always check on them, which is nice. I highly recommend this item – we have never had a false positive/negative – and it has kept our mind at peace every night.
  2. Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food. As a full time, working mama, I have not had the time to make my own baby food for Charlie, like I had hoped. So I’ve wanted to find a baby food brand that is organic with no added ingredients. And I’ve loved Earth’s Best Organic. Charlie loves sweet potatoes and this brand has baby food that is purely sweet potatoes with water as the only other ingredient. I’m excited to introduce other foods to Charlie from this brand. If you are looking for organic baby food that doesn’t have a ton of additives, try this brand for sure.
  3. The Infamous Nose Frida. Ya’ll this thing is gold. Like pure gold. And it sucks snot out of your child’s nose. But this thing has helped us tremendously over the past few weeks. Charlie started school and got his first cold so the best way we’ve been able to help his congestion is by using this product. It comes with a filter but you basically suck the snot out of his nose – I know that sounds disgusting but keep in mind, there is a filter. And I think about this – we get to blow our noses when we get a cold but sweet babies don’t so if we can help them in any way, count me in! If you are a new mama or one who hasn’t heard of this product, head to and add to cart asap 🙂

If you have any questions on these products, please leave a comment. I’m happy to answer any questions.

Happy Monday, Mama’s!


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