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My Boss' Principles…A Must Read!

About two month ago, I was told I would soon have a new manager.

First thought was – uh oh!

Don’t get me wrong, having a new manager is great and it always excites me, however, it feels like you are starting all over with a brand new relationship. And we all know relationships take time to build and enhance. You have to learn their management style, how they work best, their personality, etc.  It is new and fun, but it takes time and patience.

I had no idea what or who to expect.  My previous manager hired her, so I knew I was in good hands but the curiosity still lingered in the back of my head.  Once I found out who it was I was stoked. It was a gal I had met back in April. She worked internationally for my company and at the time was in town for an event. When I met her, I thought she was so great. She was fun, smart, dressed well, and we could have a glass of wine and laugh together on day 2 of knowing each other. Now that is my kind of gal! She ended up moving here about a month ago to lead our team. Woohoo! It’s great to know you have a good person as your manager.

At this point, all I knew of her was that she was a really cool gal but now that she’s my manager, I needed to understand how her management style worked, how she liked to conduct her team, etc. Before I left on vacation, we had an all day team meeting where my boss wanted to gather us together, understand our roles and responsibilities, build a team charter, and share her core principles (in life & work).  Now, just to set context, these all day team meetings are literally All Day – 9:00 – 5:00PM! Which can feel really long. After I left this team meeting, I was rejuvenated and excited about my team (who are awesome!) and most importantly, my new boss. I was so excited that I had to write a blog about it.

As I mentioned before, my new manager shared her core principles during this all day meeting and that is what has stuck with me every single day since.

Since they stuck with me, I want to share them and hope they stick with you too. Enjoy!

  1. 1.Get on the pointy end of the business. Be as close to the action as possible, where decisions and actions are made. Amen to this.
  2. Never Forget ‘The Why’. She has a picture in her office with this phrase. It’s so true. On days when you are down, frustrated, or even happy, it’s always a good thing to remember ‘Why’ you are here. Why you are doing the work you are doing. Why you love your job.
  3. Never Stop Learning. This one resonated with me because it truly makes you pause from your day-to-day routine to learn. Whether it’s taking time to meet with a colleague to learn more from them or reading TED talks online. Whatever it is, it allows you to take a step outside of your daily practice to simply learn.
  4. As a manager and a leader, your number one job, every day, is to make the individuals on your team wildly successful in their careers. And, if you do it right, hopefully someday, they may give you a job. BOOM! When I saw this, I knew I had a phenomenal manager. I haven’t seen or heard this line for a long time so when I do, AMEN rings in my head and a huge smile crosses my face from ear to ear. Not only does this make my new boss awesome at what she does at work, but to me, it shows that she cares about people and relationships. And I firmly believe, we are hear on this earth to (A) build, enhance, and cultivate relationships, and (B) help other people succeed!  To my new boss – All I have to say to you is, You Go Girl! You’ve made a follower out of me and I can’t wait to learn more from you.
  5. Gratitude – sprinkle it everywhere, in abundance. This was another line that caught my attention (there are many!). In my job, I’ve noticed that we get so busy in our day-to-day business that we forget to thank others for their help that day.  Gratitude can move mountains in my book and if we all said ‘Thank You’ just 2-3 more times a day to colleagues who have helped you that day, we’d all feel good. 
  6. Try to leave everything a bit better than when you found it. I couldn’t agree more. When you have this mentality, you’ll be able to add value to everything you do.
  7. Be passionate and fearless. Go with wild abandon at everything that matters. I love this. Not only should we do this at work but in our daily, personal lives too. Sometimes the biggest struggle is determining what ‘really matters’ to each of us and making sure we prioritize it.  
  8. Sometimes your job is to ensure the soldiers in the field have fresh socks. Do it. Ain’t that the truth. There are days where you have to do tedious work that you may think you don’t need to do. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it! No one is better than any kind of work. Just do it!
  9. Share everything. Information is Power, only when it can be harnessed by the right people at the right time. We all have learned so much from people, from sources, from articles, etc., why wouldn’t we share it? It goes back to the basics of simply helping people through giving. We should be able to share or give information to our colleagues and friends to help better their knowledge and understanding.
  10. Always, always assume positive intent. You’ve no idea the depths of someone’s stories or struggles. Honestly, this is my favorite. I hold this one very close to my heart. I firmly believe it and stand by this principle every single day. You can even read my ‘About me’ page and see that this is one principle I live by daily. We never know the struggles people are facing every day. We are so quick to judge or take things personally when in reality it isn’t about us. How many times have you thought that your manager or coworker was mad at you because maybe they were short with you? Our instinct is to think we did something wrong. We must shift our mindset away from us as an individual and think about what is going on with them. Do they have a slammed day? Is the business insanely busy right now? Maybe they got in a fight with their husband or wife that morning? Or their kid is sick? There are a plethora of things it could be. If we take a minute and assume positive intent on the situation and be aware of what is going on that day for them (not us!), we can lose that mentality. We truly do not know the depths of someone’s stories or struggles and we shouldn’t judge or jump to conclusions.
  11. Laughter, 10 minutes outdoors, a glass of something with a good friend, or a night’s rest can usually cure what ails ye. Sometimes you just have ‘a day’. Or the passion reserves are on fumes. When the hex strikes, hit the pause button, go reset and refresh. And if you need help to do, call upon me. How do you not love this one?

To my boss, who may or may not be reading this, I have two things to say. (1) Thank you for sharing these principles with us and taking on the responsibility to lead our team. (2) For whatever it is worth, you are doing a fantastic job and I feel honored to have you as a manager. Cheers to you!

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