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Today kicks off my Organization Series that focuses on our lifestyle, profession, and fashion. In today’s post, we will focus on how to stay organized in your kitchen.  We are in our kitchen’s 90% of the time cooking for our family and friends and socializing.

Below are three tips that Chuck and I try to live by and have worked for us. I’m hoping they work for you too!


Stay Clutter Free.

Something Chuck and I have always tried to maintain is a clutter free countertop in the kitchen. Even in our condo, we tried to maintain a clean countertop even though we didn’t have very much storage.

One example is our microwave. We didn’t want to keep it on the counter and have it take up room so we placed it in the cabinet underneath our stove with our crockpot. It’s hidden and doesn’t take up space. Boom!


Here are two tips that may help you and your significant other stay organized and de-cluttered in your kitchen.

    1. Make a Rule. If you always lose your keys or find an endless pile of mail growing on your counter, decide on an agreeable spot for these items and stick to it.  Hold each other accountable to placing your keys in their designated spot or allocate a time everyday to open the mail, throw away the junk, and file away the rest.
    2. Just Do It. It’s so easy to leave the mail on the counter for days and days and watch it pile it up.  It’s also so easy to say, ‘Oh I’ll go through it tomorrow.’ But if we spent that time actually going through the mail and filtering it, it would be done.  I challenge you that the next time you constantly tell yourself, ‘I need to go through the mail.’ you take 2 minutes and just do it rather than leave it for the next day or the next day. It’ll start to become a habit for you and in the future going through your mail will be part of your daily routine.

Don’t Forget Meal Prep.

One tip that has worked for Chuck and I, especially with our busy schedules, is planning our meals before the week kicks off. Let’s be honest, who wants to go to the store after a long day at work and pick up food? Not me.

Ever Saturday morning while I’m eating breakfast and drinking my coffee, I pop open my computer and find healthy recipes for the week. Pinterest is my go-to place because there are so many paleo and whole 30 recipes that are super yummy. But I usually try to find 4-5 recipes that I love and plan out our meals for the week. I usually make a double batch of each dinner so we have leftovers for lunch the next day.  That makes it super easy for me to plan two meals per day for both of us. Sometimes, we will go out on Friday night which saves me time to prep.  Here is a meal prep template you can use to organize your weeks:

Meal Prep Image

The only other items I need to plan are breakfasts and snacks. For breakfast, Chuck eats quiche (that we prepare over the weekend!) in the morning because it’s super easy to heat up and eat quickly before he has to jet out the door. I usually make my breakfast smoothie or overnight oats and that does the trick for me in the morning.

Now, as far as snacks go, Trader Joes has been my best friend lately.  Here is a list of yummy and healthy snacks:

  •  Plantain Chips. They are a great potato chip replacement. They have a crunchy texture, salty flavor, and great taste. Try them!
  • Apples. I usually cut up a few apples and bag them for us so all we have to do is grab and go when we are packing our lunches in the morning.
  • Almonds. I put a 1/4 cup of almonds in baggies and set them in the pantry for us to grab as well.

These three snacks are delicious, easy to prep, and definitely easy to eat!

The Finishing Touch.

The last thing that I always like to include in my kitchen is bright color. It adds the finishing touch! As I’ve said, we’re in our kitchens 90% of the time so why not make it the best it can be.

Every weekend when I go to the grocery store, I pick up flowers and make flower arrangements that I scatter throughout my kitchen to brighten it up.  It adds great decor to the kitchen table and adds color throughout my kitchen plus it gives it a little personality.

Whether you are just moving into a new kitchen or itching to re-organize your lifestyle, remember to (1) Stay Clutter Free (2) Make Time for Meal Prep and (3) Add the Finishing Touch to brighten up your kitchen. Enjoy!





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