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How-to Wear Flats When You're 5'0…

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Shoes: Valentino (similar style here!) • Dress: Top Shop • Sweater: Besties (Similar style here!) • Necklace: Stella and Dot • Gold Cuff: The Styled Collection • Silver Cuff: David Yurman • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: Kate Spade • Purse: Saint Laurent (similar style here!) • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

I’m only 5 foot! I wear heels almost every single day. If you’re petite, you know why I do. If you’re not, let me give you the deets. When you’re on the shorter side, you are not just looked at as short, but you’re looked at as shorter than everyone else. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re short!’, when I was wearing flats, I’d be a millionaire. And to be honest, it can be annoying. It’s like, ‘yes, I know! I’m only 5’0! This isn’t the first time I realized this!’ So I typically avoid wearing them. However, there are two other reasons why I don’t wear flats – (1) Personally, I feel like I look frumpy and like a 12 year old and (2) The ones I’ve tried (Cole Haan, Sam Edelman) have been super uncomfortable after wearing them for an entire day. So, here’s how I’ve overcome these issues (some self-inflicted, I know!).

I was in a wedding over the summer and came home with my right foot swollen from my heels (and in pain!). I’ve never had that happen to my feet before. I mean, I wear heels – literally – all.the.time! So this was weird. Chuck was not having it.  He was like, ‘Babe, you need to get yourself some flats that you’re actually going to wear!’ He knew I wouldn’t completely replace my heels, but I did agree that I needed to invest in a pair of flats that were actually comfortable.

I did my research and made sure I could fulfill the insecurities/comfort concerns I have –

  1. I Can’t Look Like I’m 12. To ensure they didn’t make me look ‘frumpy’ or like I’m a 12 year old, I found that pointed flats make the silhouette of your leg look elongated.
  2. They Need to be Comfortable. I purchased a pair of Cole Haan, pointed flats, that were adorable. However, they were not comfortable. I wore them to work and by the end of the day I had at least 5 blisters on each foot (BTW – it took them 3 months to heal!). So I went to Nordstrom that weekend and took them back.

When I took the Cole Haan flats back, I eyed these pair of Valentino’s. A girlfriend of mine had a pair and said they were super comfortable. I loved the look but was worried they were going to be uncomfortable after I started to wear them. Well, I ended up buying them and they have been THE most comfortable flats ever. The soft leather inside the shoe seems to be the trick to comfort. They also don’t make me feel like I’m frumpy or a 12 year old since they aren’t bulky.  I have to say, this has been one of my best investment pieces so far. And bonus – you can wear them with anything!!

If you’re in the market for a comfortable flat, I’d most definitely recommend these.

What are your favorite flats?

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