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How-to Put an Outfit Together in 2 Minutes…

Shoes: Old, Similar style here • Jeans: Banana Republic • Top: Madewell (On Sale for $39.99!) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Handbag: Givenchy, Similar style here • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: Kate Spade • Lipstick: Chanel • Sunnies: Celine, Similar style here (On Sale for $7!)

For some reason, it is way easier to put an outfit together during Spring and Summer time. I think it’s because there aren’t so many layers to think about – like in the fall/winter. I don’t know about you, but there are days during my week where I have 5 minutes to get dressed so putting an outfit together fast is key.

Here is how I think through an outfit so I can put it together fast when I need to:

  1. What Does My Day Look like? If I have a day full of meetings, I will most likely dress up. If I have a day with a lot of time for me to get some work done, I’ll most likely wear a more casual look. If you are running around with your little one all day but know you have plans that night, your look will need to be easy to transition from day to night. I would recommend thinking through all of these details the night before or while you’re in the shower that morning. It helps you organize your clothes in your head.
  2. Bottoms First. For me, I always think about what pants, denim, or skirt I want to wear that day first. For some reason, it helps me organize my tops in my head that would go with it. Once I’ve identified the bottom I want to wear, I move onto the tops.
  3. The Perfect Top for the Day. Tops are the most fun to choose from because there are more of them. Plus, its easier to pick a fun, colorful, floral, striped, etc. top with a simple pair of pants to dress it up.
  4. Polish the Look with Accessories. Once you have a top in mind, your outfit is 85% complete. You can’t forget your accessories! Here is my rule for accessories – if you are wearing delicate jewelry, feel free to wear earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. If you are wearing a statement necklace, then I would wear stud earrings that are simple, and a delicate bracelet (if you wear one at all). You want that statement piece to be the primary attraction.
  5. The Right Shoe. Shoes are my last decision. It’s easy to throw a pair of flats or your basic heel with an outfit (if you can’t think of anything else). But odds are, you have other fun shoes to wear with your outfit so once you’re dressed, you can throw them on.
  6. Dresses are Always an Option. If I can’t think a top at that time, I move to dresses. There may be a dress that I could pair leggings or tights with and just throw on a blazer or jacket to complete the look.

What tips do you have for putting an outfit together quickly?

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