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Chuck and I have a few holiday parties and dinners to hit this season and one thing I always do is bring a hostess gift. Hosting is a lot of work and always takes time and effort to make the dinner/event great for your guests. As a guest, I always like to bring a ‘thank you’ gift to show our appreciation of hosting and having us over to their home.

I usually bring flowers or a plant for their home but if you want to add a little gift this time of year, here are a few ideas that are perfect for the perfect host:

  1. Limited Edition Gold Monogram Mugs | These mugs are so cute. I love the gold color and they would be a perfect hostess gift. They are limited edition so it will make your hostess feel special.  And a bonus is they are only $7.50!
  2. Holiday in Provence Dessert Plates | These plates are super fun for the holidays and perfect for hostesses. They are easy to use for appetizers or desserts when hosting brunches, dinners or happy hours. They are $14.00, which is a perfect price point!
  3. Monogram and Pearl Posts | I’m all about monograms this year! These earrings are simple and easy to wear with just about anything. The personalization of them are perfect for a hostess gift. They are $32!
  4. Mission Grove Rollerball Oil | These small perfume oils are great. They are small, easy to bring on-the-go so you can freshen up your scent, and they smell really good. If you know the hostess likes scents, these small oils would be perfect. They are $24.
  5. The Artist’s Studio Eau de Parfum | I’m a lover of perfumes and scents! If you don’t want a less expensive option, these perfumes are  also perfect to throw in your purse and go! They smell great and are a great gift for the hostess of your choice! They are $16.
  6. Celestial Coaster Set | I love coasters! We use them on our furniture all the time. But we don’t buy them often because we already have a set, however, when we receive them as gifts, we love it because we can change them up. We also can disperse our original coaster set around the house and use the new set in our living room. These are great gift ideas and the colors are gorg! They are $40.

I hope these gift ideas help when you are trying to figure out the best hostess gift. Happy Hosting!


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