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Fancy on a Budget…

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Photo Cred: My Handsome Hubby

Shoes: Jimmy Choo • Skirt: Banana Republic (On sale for $29.99!) • Top: Macy’s (similar style here!) • Watch: Michele • Earrings: Ann Taylor • Clutch: A Gift (similar style here!) • Ring: David Yurman • Makeup/Hair: Gene Juarez

Chuck | Shoes: Cole Haan • Suit: Hugo Boss • Pocket Square: Nordstrom • Button up: Nordstrom • Watch: Nixon

Chuck and I went to my best friend’s, sister’s wedding this past weekend. She is basically our sister too so we have been looking forward to it for awhile now. It was held at this super cute location in Capital Hill downtown, called Melrose Market. It had brick everywhere you turned, an eclectic vibe, and beautiful lights and candles all around. It was absolutely perfect.

The dress code was fancy. I love fancy. Normally, I always try to get something new to wear to weddings since it’s such a special occasion. However, this time around, I didn’t because I had an outfit in mind that I already had in my closet. FYI, I’m trying to buy less and wear more of what I already have.

Here’s how I stayed on budget for this particular wedding:

  1. Value Styling. I really wanted to get my hair and makeup done so I looked my best for my girl. But I know that getting my hair blown out or styled would be at least $50 with tip. Instead, I decided to schedule a haircut (since I haven’t gotten my hair cut since October!) on the same day as the wedding so that way she could cut and style it for the wedding. This way, I’m getting the most value out of my styling budget for the wedding.
  2. Makeup. Ok, I don’t know about you but I’m pretty picky about my makeup. I love doing makeup and I know exactly how I like it done. However, when I have special occasions, I enjoy getting it done because they add a look that I normally wouldn’t do. I ended up getting my makeup done at Gene Juarez as well because they had a deal going on that if you bought a product (no price minimum), your service was $25. If I were to go to the MAC counter, I would have to buy a minimum of $60 worth of product to get my makeup done. If I were to buy lipstick or eyelashes for $25 or less at Gene Juarez, I’m saving at least $10. Plus, I really love the gal at Gene Juarez, which is a bonus. However, if you needed to replenish your products at the MAC counter, then going there would be a better value.
  3. Fancy Outfits. I love dressing up. If I could dress up everyday, I would. But if I did, the people at work may think I’m a little crazy. For this wedding, I decided to save money on clothes and spend it on hair and makeup instead. I have a jumpsuit and a fun, long blue dress that I’ve showcased as a great Fall wedding gown, but wanted to change it up. I decided to lean towards the trendier side and wear a slimming pencil skirt, lace upon lace, and a touch of sparkles. Luckily, I had this in my closet already. Now, if you are wanting to get a new outfit for your next wedding but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, head to They are my favorite. I got this dress for $30 and it looks like a million bucks. You really don’t have to spend a lot to elevate an outfit to fancy status.

How do you get fancy on a budget?

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