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Fall in Love with Cards and Stationary from Cardly Worth It…

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These Personalized Stationary sets are THE perfect stocking stuffer, right!? //photo cred: @freshouttakes

sbs2 sbs-4 sbs5Love our Christmas Cards!

My bestie’s Baby Shower Invite! – How beautiful, clean and simple does it look? //photo cred: @freshouttakes

//Cards and Stationary designed and made by Cardly Worth It.

Today is Small Business Saturday and I absolutely love showcasing some of my favorite small businesses. For the past few years, I’ve fallen in love with Cardly Worth It. We have used them for years for our wedding invites, Christmas cards, baby shower invites, and more. The owner, Heather van Breda, is super talented. Her mentality is, Simpler is Better. And she sticks to that throughout the cards and stationary she designs. Plus, all of her stationary products are made in Seattle and San Francisco on recycled, responsibly manufactured, and eco friendly materials.  All in all, Cardly Worth It’s philosophy is one that I strongly support/believe in and want to ensure everyone is aware.

To provide more details on why I love Cardly Worth It, I’ve included 3 reasons I always use them (beyond their philosophy!) and why you should:

  1. It’s All in the Details. Every card or invite I’ve ordered from Cardly Worth It, has an element of detail that I would not have thought of. For example, on our Christmas post cards, you’ll notice my address is stamped on the back, in the center of card. Which means, I don’t have to put my own return address label on it. Plus, it looks cohesive with the card.  I also love how they put, ‘Please deliver to…’ on the right side of the card so it tees up each family I write my card to. How cute is that?
  2. Get the Perfect Gift – Personalized Stationary . Beyond Christmas cards, you’ll notice Cardly Worth It does personalized stationary. You’ll see the detail in the envelope liner that matches the theme your personalized style is in.  The beauty is, it’s still simple. Not too cluttery, not too simple – just perfect. That’s why I love Cardly Worth It.
  3. The Invites are Legit. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve gotten our wedding invites and my best friends baby shower invites from Cardly Worth It. And they are absolutely beautiful. The beauty of their invites is they offer a bit more of a luxurious texture – Eggshell White #120 stationary paper. This  paper is manufactured to the highest environmental standards, which is fantastic. When a small business takes the time and effort to be environmentally friendly, I’m in love already!

Overall, Cardly Worth It is hands down my favorite card and stationary shop. As I’ve said, I’ve used them for years now and always will.

Now, if you haven’t gotten your Christmas cards or stocking stuffers for the fam yet, I have an exclusive offer for you that you cannot refuse! Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Cardly Worth It                                                             
  2. Pick your favorite cards and/or stationary!                                          
  3. Receive 20% off any order over $50, plus free shipping!
  4. Use Discount Code: fiercelycharming 

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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