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Day-to-Night | One Trend that Always Works for Petite Gals

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Shoes: Dolce Vita by Target • Jumpsuit: Banana Republic • Blazer: Target • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Bracelet: Light & Bright Lifestyles • Necklace: Stella and Dot (you can wear it 4 ways!) • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: Chanel

Jumpsuits…they can be the most comfortable thing you wear all week or it can be that outfit that gives you a huge camel toe at work. And let’s be honest, no one wants that.

I’m only 5 foot. Not 5’1 or 5 feet and a half; straight up 5 foot! But I always wear heels so no one really realizes how petite I am until I wear flats. Then I get the whole, ‘Oh my gosh, have you always been this short?’ Duh! With being short comes struggles with clothes that fit just right. Shopping for jeans, for example, are always a chore. Trying to find jeans that fit my hips but aren’t too big on my waste, and aren’t too long that my heels step on them, is a struggle! Now, I’ve found my few brands that I love that fit my body perfectly but in general, clothes can be a bit difficult being so short.

However, one trend that has always, I mean always worked for me are jumpsuits! And honestly, they aren’t going out of style anytime soon! So if you are petite and thinking, oh gosh, jumpsuits are so cute, I had no idea I could pull them off! Well, sister, you can! Now, if you are taller, the right one may be harder to find. All my girlfriends are tall (I mean it doesn’t take much!) but truly, I have tall girlfriends and they always say, ‘Gosh, it’s so hard for me to find a jumpsuit that fits because my torso is too long!’ And it clicked as to why they always worked for a petite gal like myself. The one thing that may be an issue with wearing a jumpsuit is the leg length. You may have to get them hemmed, but I’ve experienced the dressier jumpsuits are usually longer than the more casual jumpsuit above.

Not only do jumpsuits work on us petite gals, but they are perfect to dress up for work and easy to dress down for a night out with your girls. I wore this jumpsuit to work with a blazer over it and it worked out great. You still portray a professional look with the blazer but can easily add some color/texture with the print. That evening, we had a going away party for my girlfriend. Her and her boyfriend are traveling down the west coast, visiting all the National Parks, in a van that they built into their temporary home. It is amazing and super creative! Once they have their site up, I’ll share it with you all. You have to follow their trip! Anyway, back to the jumpsuit. When we arrived to the going away party, I simply took off my blazer and I instantly turned from professional to girls night style! We hung outside in the warm weather with yummy drinks and great friends. Couldn’t have asked for a better night and on top of that, I felt so accomplished wearing one outfit two different ways.

Now, head to Banana Republic and pick your favorite jumpsuit for the summer. They have the best jumpsuits that fit a more petite frame!

How would you wear a jumpsuit from day-to-night? 

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