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Christmas Gift Idea for your Mama!…

moms-christmas-1 moms-christmas-2moms-christmas-5moms-christmas-6moms-christmas-9 moms-christmas-3 moms-christmas-4moms-christmas-7 moms-christmas-8Christmas is only weeks away! AH! I can’t hold in my excitement. If you haven’t notice, I’m a bit obsessed with Christmas – everything that has to do with Christmas – celebrating Jesus’ birth, being with family and friends, baking cookies, and engaging in the spirit of this beautiful season. From donating more to your church or favorite charity to thoughtfully picking out the perfect presents for your loved ones to spending quality time with family – I embrace every aspect of this season and am so beyond excited to continue celebrating in the next few weeks.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to overbook Chuck and I throughout the holidays. We’d have something going on every night leading up to Christmas and last year, I remember being like, ‘We’re never doing this again!’ haha so this year, I’m being super conscious of all the festivities we have planned. And I have to say, we’re doing pretty good with it. The weekend of December 10th, we only have something on that Friday evening but that’s it! and I’m planning on keeping it that way. We want to be able to be at our house more, watch Christmas movies, and eat chocolate chip cookies 🙂

Since we are trying to lighten the Christmas activity load, we decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday in November. Her real birthday is December 15th. And I always feel so bad that it’s so close to the holidays because she doesn’t get a chance to enjoy a birthday dedicated to her with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas. So this year, Chuck and I decided to combine her Birthday and Christmas gift into a Nordstrom Shopping Spree!! Woohoo!

Below includes how I planned her birthday/Christmas surprise along with tips for you:

  1. Block her Calendar. I told her I wanted to block her calendar for a day as a surprise. My mom isn’t the best at letting things be, so of course she asked me 1000 questions about the day, trying to pry it out of me. But I didn’t give in. Once we blocked a date, I was able to plan.
  2. Nordstrom Personal Stylist. Since we knew we were going to take her on a shopping spree, I decided to book a personal stylist at Nordstrom. For one, they’re FREE! I went to and picked a personal stylist that I felt would be best. Her name is Jackie Byrd. And ya’ll, she is AMAZING! Prior to our appointment, Jackie sent me a list of questions that would help describe my mom’s clothing wants/needs and brands she loves. When we arrived into the dressing room, my mom literally loved every single piece of clothing Jackie picked. We felt like we hit the jackpot and my mom was so excited! It made the experience so awesome. Now, all of mom’s clothes she got from her shopping spree, are all wrapped and nestled safely under our tree for Birthday/Christmas. Operation Mom’s Birthday/Christmas gifts complete!
  3. Surprise Lunch. After our personal stylist appointment, I told my mom I had made an appointment at the Nordstrom Grill (her fave!) for the two of us. She was stoked! Upon arrival, we were greeted with a handful of my mom’s beautiful friends. She was so surprised, she cried (which truthfully, doesn’t take much!). Mom and I are cryers for sure! We had a fantastic lunch with everyone, she opened presents, and we all caught up.

If you’re still trying to figure out the best gift for that special mama or sister in your life, try giving a day of fun to them. Between the experience and the fun items she was able to purchase, she thoroughly enjoyed her gift.

What will you get your mama for Christmas?

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