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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me…

Instead of doing the typical ‘Instagram Roundup’ with links to everything I’m wearing (which I’ll still do!), I thought I’d open up a little and give you a peek into who I am through my photos – a little ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Lauren’s life. Shall we?

See full blog post on this outfit.

  1. I’m Obsessed with Birthdays. I literally think my birthday is a national holiday 😉 I’m the annoying type that tells her friends and family that her birthday is coming up months before. (at least I’m owning it) My birthday was last week and my hubby took me to Canlis. It was THE best food and service. For every special occasion, like birthday’s, anniversary’s, etc – we like to go out to dinner at a fancy place. This year was the first time we went to Canlis together. So fun!

Handbag: Saint Laurent (Similar style here)

2. I love Sunday’s. Sunday’s, to me, are my day of rest. We try to make it to church – we go to Bellevue Foursquare – but if we don’t, we lay in bed and read the bible or pray together. It is my favorite part of the day. I typically try to get my errands done on Saturday but if I don’t, I run to the grocery store after service and 9 out of 10 times, I buy flowers. If I had nothing in my house but flowers, I’d be in heaven (and be completely cool with sleeping on the floor!).

Dress: Target

3. Gifts are my Love Language. I figured this out back in college and it’s been pretty darn accurate ever since. I love gifts! However, lately, flowers have been my absolute favorite gift and I have to say – my friends and family nailed it this year on the flower front. I literally filled all my vases (I have 11!) with flowers for my birthday. Seriously makes my heart happier than any other gift.

Handbag: Givenchy • Watch: Michele • Shoes: Valentino

4. My Michele Watch is 6 Years Old. So if you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ll notice I always wear my Michele watch (always!). I have LOVED this watch since I was 18 years old – in fact, I loved it so much that after I got my first bonus at work after college, I marched my way over to Nordstrom and purchased this bad boy. It’s been on my wrist ever since – I wear it everyday to work and on the weekends, even in weddings. I have even looked at other Michele or other brand watches and nothing suits my fancy. It still looks brand new and I’ve only changed the battery twice (twice in 6 years! whoa). I am and will always be a Michele fan.

5. I’ve drank coffee since I was 10. You may be thinking, what in the world is wrong with your mother to give you coffee that young? Well, first off, nothing is wrong with her, and secondly, I always BEGGED her to have a cup of decaf coffee. Ever since I was little, I loved the smell and always wanted a cup with some whipped cream on top. Now, as an adult, I cherish my one cup of coffee in the morning (I’m a one cup kinda gal). On Saturday’s and Sunday’s, Chuck always wakes me up with a cup of coffee in bed – it makes my weekends!

6. I love drinking with my Dad. My dad is the martini master!! He makes, hands down, THE BEST martini in town (seriously! you can ask my friends). Him and my mom love entertaining and he loves to make everyone their drink of choice (alcoholic, of course ;)). I have learned to like many alcoholic beverage because of him. This one is a French 75 (mm mm good!). It’s champagne, lemon, and gin!

Sweater: Zara

7. Chartreuse is my favorite color. Lately, I’ve been dying over this mustard/chartreuse color. The mustard mules above were from Anthropologie and are super comfortable. This chartreuse sweater is from Zara and would look great with a pair of denim or white pants for spring.

Shoes: Tory Burch • Jeans: J.Crew • Top: Banana Republic

8. I have a work husband (and Chuck knows!). I seriously work with THE best coworkers and literally thank the Lord every single day for them. One, in particular, has become more than just a coworker, he has become one of my best friends. Erik and I have worked on the same campaign at work for the past year and it truly has been the BEST, most fun year. He is the best marketer I’ve known – I hope one day, I can be like him. We call each other ‘work wife’ and ‘work husband’ because we work so closely – even though he lives in NYC (Thank goodness for Skype!). EMoe – I love working with you! Thank you for always teaching and guiding me. I cherish our friendship and can’t WAIT to come visit you in NYC next week!

Shoes: DSW (Under $30!) • Dress: Target • Necklace: Stella and Dot

9. $12 Shift dresses are my Summer Go-To. I love dresses in summer. They are so easy to throw on and even easier to dress up or dress down. Shift dresses are simple and easy to throw on with a few accessories like I did in this photo. This dress was from Target last summer (for $12.99!) – I threw these darling pale pink mules on with some gold accessories and boom – this dress instantly became a work outfit.

10. Why Fiercely Charming? My last ‘get to know me’ fact is all about my blog. No, I don’t have 500K followers and no I’m not monetizing (yet!) but at this point, that doesn’t matter to me (I get asked about followers and monetization all the time so had to address it!) because I….Love….It! I always pray about where the Lord wants me to take my blog and right now, what keeps going over and over in my mind is from Psalm 37:5, “Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him, and He will do it.” So right now, I’m sticking with my goals and keepin’ on keepin’ on.

My goal with Fiercely Charming is to serve women (period). I want to empower every woman that comes across my site – empower them to want to dress up more (or down), empower them to feel confident in showing their style at work, empower them to find their favorite top on a budget. I hope Fiercely Charming has put a smile on your face once or twice or got you excited to put an outfit together for a date night or girls night out. Because at the end of the day, that is what I want to do.

If you have any feedback or want me to write about specific topics, please write me a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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Scared to Wear White? 3 Tips to Help Face your Fears…

Shoes: Jimmy Choo • Pants: Ann Taylor (Old! Similar style here) • Top: Anthropologie (Old! Similar style here) • Handbag: Givenchy (Similar style here – Only $69.95!) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. • Lip Liner: Vino by MAC • Lipstick: Rebel by MAC

I love a pair of white pants more than I love jeans and other denim. White has a sense of fancy and style without trying. However, I know what you may be thinking, ‘There is no way I’m wearing white! I will have a stain on those babies in 2 mins.’ Well, I get it and used to feel the same way until I owned these.

Today, I’m going to break your fear of wearing white so you’ll want to jet over to the mall and grab a pair yourself.

  1. When to Wear White. First off, there is a difference between white denim and a white pair of slacks. I’m going to focus on the slacks but if you’re interested, you can find out how to pick the right white denim for you here. Ok – so here’s the deal: These pants can be worn professionally or out on the town with your man or your girls. They are definitely a bit fancier so not super conducive for a Saturday running errands 😉  They are the statement piece – between the leg width, the belt detail, and the color – they will make your outfit shine. Which is kind of funny, because typically when you think ‘statement’ piece, you think bright colors and shiny accessories (am I right?!).
  2. Tide To-Go is Your BFF. I know one fear many of you may have is, ‘How do you avoid stains?’. First off, pants don’t manage to stain (for me!) as much as tops do so hopefully you won’t have too many issues with pants. However, my one tip for wearing white is: Tide to-go. I always toss a Tide to-go stick in my handbag when I wear my white pants. That way, if you accidentally spill your food on your lap (I’m totally guilty of that!) then you can run to the bathroom and get the stain out instantly instead of waiting till you bring them to the cleaners. 
  3. What to Pair White With. The beauty of white is you can wear it with just about anything, any color, any pattern, etc. If you were to wear these pants to work, I would recommend sticking to the neutral color palette so it remains a professional look – a black blazer with white pants and your black or nude pumps would be perfect for a day with loads of meetings and/or a big presentation. Grab one of your fun clutches (to spice up the look!) and you’re on your way. Now, if you plan to wear these pants out for a girls night or a date night – then you can explore several more options. Colorful tops, textured patterns, i.e. lace, statement accessories, and fun shoes can all be worn with these pants to make them even dressier. You’ll be the best dressed for your evening out!

I hope this has helped you face your fears of wearing white. Honestly, my motto is – they are just clothes. You can get them dry-cleaned (worst case!) so wear them and enjoy them!

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Update Your Wardrobe with a Pop of Color…

Shoes: Paul Green • Jeans: Banana Republic • Top: Target (Only $29.99!) • Handbag: Tory Burch (old! Similar style here!) • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: Liv it Up by Charlotte Tilbury • Ring: David Yurman • Cuff: David Yurman • Watch: Michele • Jacket: Burberry in Olive Green

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your day is gong well. This past weekend was so lovely – we had a date night on Friday night, which was so nice! And then slept in on Saturday and relaxed. I got my nails and toes done (which I haven’t had done in 2 months!) so I felt so spoiled. I do my own shellac nails so when I splurge and go get them done, it feels so good! And my toes – I don’t do them on the regular so let’s just say they needed it.

Seattle weather is a bit fickle this time of year. It could be sunny and 55 degrees one day and the next, it’s 45 degrees and dumping rain. But the good news is, the trees are starting to bloom so I have a feeling our spring will show up in full force soon (I hope!). As I transition my wardrobe from winter to spring, I tend to keep it simple – I typically pull out light and flowy tops with a light jacket since the weather is so unpredictable. However, I LOVE to bring out a bright color in a handbag or a pair of shoes.

For this outfit, I paired it with this burnt orange Tory Burch cross body that Chuck got for my birthday last year. It’s the perfect color and can add a pop of color to any outfit – especially this one.  When you’re wearing a neutral look, it is SO easy to add a colorful handbag to dress up your look.

As you think about updating your wardrobe, add some colorful handbags to enhance your look and add dimension to your outfit. Here are a few fun handbags I’d recommend:

  • Add a pop of red to any neutral outfit for Spring. This cross body tote is perfect for those sunny days!
  • I never saw a Chartreuse accessory I didn’t like – Add this to a simple maxi dress to style it up!
  • If your itching to splurge, I’ve always LOVED this classic Chloe bag. And this color = MAJOR heart eyes! You could wear this bag with pretty much….anything!
  • Hot pink is always in for spring and summer and this Ted Baker cross body is no exception.
  • I’m going to be honest ladies – Coach is making a comeback! I know Coach was your high school handbag, but they’ve really enhanced their designs and have some beautiful cross-body’s. Here is a gorgeous green that could be paired with blues and yellows this spring/summer!

What is your favorite colorful handbag for the Spring/Summertime?


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Your Guide to Dressing Stylish on a Rainy Day…

umbrella-1img_2643 umbrella4-1 img_2636umbrella2-1Photo Cred: Kim Mitchell @FreshOutTakes

Shoes: Hunter Boots • Leggings: Zella • Top: Nordstrom • Shawl: Burberry • Umbrella: H&M old (Similar style here!) • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Socks: Nordstrom

After Christmas time, I’m pretty much ready for Spring! Around the holidays, winter can be way easier to manage – there’s parties, warm food, lots of beverages, and the spirit of giving to occupy your mind. There’s literally no time to think about how cold and rainy it is outside. However, once the New Year kicks off, I start noticing the rainy days just a bit more. And I cherish the random sunny days we get here and there.

This February has been full of snow, rain, and snapshots of sun here and there – but mostly rain. In fact, as I write this, it is literally pouring outside. During the work week, I find it hard to wake up on rainy days and get motivated to dress up. I literally wanna throw on leggings and a sweatshirt and call it a day. If you are like me, and feel less motivated to dress up on rainy days, I have put together a go-to guide to make it easier for you to style an outfit on those wet days:

  1. Leggings are OK. Many may think, ‘Gosh, I can’t wear leggings to work. It’s too revealing.’ Well, darling, let me change your mind. It is so easy to throw on a long sleeve thermal with some leggings and a beautiful shawl, scarf, or poncho to dress it up. It covers your behind and adds a dash of elegance to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to pull this look off at work! I promise you’ll get compliments from your coworkers.
  2. Rain Boots are your Friend. I live in Seattle, so if anyone says anything different about rain boots – they don’t live here. Hunter rain boots, specifically, have a brand stigma to them. People ‘know’ Hunter rain boots. And from my perspective, they add a sense of style to a simple rain boot look from the brand recognition. Add a pair of Hunter boots to your outfit and it will instantly add a fun, stylish rain look plus functionality (because they really do keep your feet from getting wet). One hint – if you are petite like me, you can save lots of $$$ with Kid’s Hunter Boots (Only $80 vs $165 for women’s). I’ve linked them above.
  3. Rain Coat vs. Umbrella. Living in Seattle, you have to own a raincoat because there’s a constant mist that we get here. It’s not like the South, where it pours for 20 minutes and then it clears up. However, I prefer umbrellas when I’m dressing up for work or an event or dinner, etc. because it covers you but doesn’t mess up your hair, like a hood would. I purchased this leopard umbrella from H&M for $6 , years ago and it’s my go-to. I linked a similar style off of Amazon. But it adds another element of style with the print. How easy would it be to dress up a simple outfit with a pattern umbrella? Super easy.

I hope this makes it easy to pick an outfit out on those days you just don’t want to get out of bed and face the rain.

What are your go-to outfits for rainy days?

Day-to-Night Office Style

Day-to-Night Valentine's Day Outfit…

burberry3burberry-2burberry burberry4 burberry5 burberry6 burberry7 burberry8

Shoes: Valentino • Jeans: Banana Republic (Darker wash + on sale for $68!) • Top: J.Crew (Color: Neon Geranium + on sale for $39.99!) • Jacket: Burberry (I’m wearing XS!) • Handbag: Saint Laurent (similar style here!) • Earrings: Kate Spade • Watch: Michele • Gold Cuff: The Styled Collection (on sale for $39!) • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: Chanel

Can you believe it’s Valentine’s Day? Holy smokes! Where has the time gone? It literally feels like Christmas was a week ago.

Our New Year has been pretty amazing so far (but busy, for sure!). Work’s been a bit crazy (hence the two week hiatus! sorry guys!) plus I’ve been on two trips already – one to McCall, ID for a fun weekend trip then San Francisco for a work trip. On top of all of this, my bestie had her baby – Nixon James – you can find pics on my Instagram @lauren_husum 😉 Plus, my other bestie got ENGAGED! And btw – this all happened in the same weekend. Talk about happiness overload for sure. It’s safe to say that 2017 is starting off on the right foot!

It feels like Valentine’s Day just snuck right up on us. But I have to be honest, I’m kind of excited that its on a Tuesday this year. I love middle of the week date nights – it breaks up the week! We’re planning on grilling some steaks and veggies and having a fun date night in.

Whether you’re having a girls night with your girls or a date night with your man or gal, and have no idea what to wear – I’ve got you covered. You don’t even need to buy a new outfit. Since it’s tonight, it can be hard to run home and pull of a full outfit change before your V-Day dinner. So I’ve put together an outfit that can easily transition from a work day to your fun date night/girls night out.

Here is how I’ve paired everything together – first, I started with pink. I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day. Your either wearing pink or red (at least, I hope!). Grab a hot pink or red sweater you have in your closet. Second, I grab a pair of my skinnies and pair my sweater with them. Then I grab my favorite flats – Valentino’s (dupes here!). This way, you’re comfortable walking around the office and out for the evening. If you have time to run home, there are two items I’d exchange from your work day outfit (that you may not take to work!) – a fun handbag and coat.

My Saint Laurent goes with everything so grab a bag that isn’t too big or too small but can be worn to the office and then out for dinner. Now, if you’re in the market for a new handbag – here is a list of bags under $200 that may come in handy in case you go shopping with your Valentine tonight. Lastly, I pick my favorite jacket – the Burberry (here is a dupe!). This coat has seriously been my all time favorite purchase of 2017 so far. I have worn it almost every single day since I bought it. It’s comfortable, easy to layer in, warm, and dressy – perfect for work and perfect for a date night!  Now, I’m date night ready!

I hope this outfit is simple, cute, and easy for you to put together for your Valentine’s Day evening tonight!

Let me know what you end of wearing! 

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3 Ways to Mix Your Old Pieces with your Daily Accessories…

old-clothes old-clothes-2 old-clothes-3 old-clothes-4 old-clothes-5 old-clothes-6

Shoes: DSW • Denim: Banana Republic • Sweater: Target (old! Similar style here!) • Black x Gold necklace: Stella and Dot • Long gold necklace: My grandmother’s (similar style here!) • Watch: Daniel Wellington • Silver cuff: David Yurman • Gold cuff: The Styled Collection • Handbag: Valentino • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: Altressa by Christian Louboutin

We all have those days when we walk into our closet and think to ourselves, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ (This especially happens to me when I haven’t shopped awhile) Which is insane, cause we all, most likely, have a closet full of clothes, but maybe they’re older and you haven’t pulled them out in awhile.  Plus, it’s so easy to gravitate towards the clothes you always tend to wear – that top that looks great with that one pair of jeans or the jeans that pair well with those flats you got for your birthday. I’m definitely guilty of that. But I have a few ways you can bring a few of your old pieces out and mix/match them with a few of your daily accessories.

  1. Throw on a Statement Necklace. This outfit is an oldie but goodie. My gray sweater is from Target 2 years ago but it has always been a great basic. Since I’ve worn this top so much in the last few years, I thought I’d spice it up with a few necklaces so I threw on a black and gold choker style necklace paired with a longer gold chain that was my grandmother’s.
  2. Hairstyle Plays an Important Role. How you style your hair can make a difference in your look. When I pick an outfit that is an older one, I like to try new hairstyles to dress up my look. For this outfit, I decided to throw it up in a messy ponytail so it elongates my face. Try a new hairstyle with an outfit you’re not thoroughly jazzed about.
  3. Apply a Bold Eye x Lip . Doing makeup can take time out of your morning routine (at least for me, it does!). I always feel like when I do makeup, it takes forever but once it’s done, I love it. Take the time to apply a bold eye and lip when you’re wearing an outfit that is an older look or one that you tend to lean towards. It can definitely adds a beauty dynamic to your look and can fancy it up.


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6 Everyday Handbags Under $200…

handbag-under-200-5 handbags-under-200 handbags-under-200 handbags-under-200-2 handbags-under-200-3 handbags-under-200-6 handbags-under-200-7 handbags-under-200-8

Shoes: Valentino • Jeans: Banana Republic • T-Shirt: Target • Green Vest: Target • Necklace: My Grandma’s (similar style here) • Watch: Daniel Wellington • Bracelet: The Styled Collection (only $29!) • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: Kate Spade • Lipstick: Red by Christian Louboutin • Handbag: Michael Kors 

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I were chatting and she asked me if I could send her a list of handbags under $200(ish). She is looking for an everyday bag that is sturdy, comfortable, cute, and can fit whatever she may need for work or an evening out. When she asked, I thought I’d share the list with you too in case you’re in the market. I’ve included a variety of brands, price ranges, and fabrics. Take a look and let me know which one is your fave!
  1. Longchamp ‘Small Le Pliage’ Shoulder Tote //$125
    1. Longchamp is a refreshing brand.  They aren’t outrageously expensive and are known for their quality. For this bag, I’d go with black or another neutral color. This bag is definitely more casual. I would say this would be perfect for everyday at work. It can hold your laptop and all purse items. My one drawback with this one is that it is super casual so not a recommended accessory for an evening out. However, it’s functional and can hold just about anything. And, its very popular so I know it has been a durable bag for many ladies.
  2. Medium Leather Transport Tote //$158
    1. Madewell is owned by J.Crew and both stores have gorgeous handbags and shoes. One thing I love about Madewell is they focus on leather goods – shoes, handbags, belts – whereas J.Crew is focused on fashionable items vs. classic and comfortable ones. This tote comes in a cognac color and black. It is functional and can be a work/everyday bag – you can throw your laptop in there with your wallet, lip glosses, keys, and anything else you store in your bag. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a larger bag for everyday.
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Leather Crossbody //$195
    1. Each of these colors would be fantastic neutrals for everyday wear, especially from work day to night. Rebecca Minkoff is a solid brand with sturdy, yet elegant handbags. They aren’t too ‘out there’ but have some details that make them beautiful. This is a smaller bag, but would be perfect to throw across your shoulder for work and hold as a clutch when you’re going out at night.
  4. The Pearl Leather Crossbody in Seffiano //$248
    1. I know this is over $200 (sorry! but I had to share this brand). Lo & Sons is one of my new favorite handbag brands. I just got a duffle from them for Christmas. I love them because they are simple and functional. You’ll notice how they show every aspect of this handbag and how it can help you get through each day. They also use real leather that isn’t too hard and not too soft. It is sturdy enough where it won’t scratch but soft to the touch. I’d recommend this if you want a handbag that is classic, functional, and darling!
  5. Elizabeth and James Small Leather Carryall Tote //$118 (on MAJOR SALE!)
    1. Elizabeth and James is a high end brand created by Mary Kate and Ashley Olson’s sister, Elizabeth. I think their brother’s name is James (but not sure!). They have real leather goods that will last. I liked this bag because you could hold the straps on your wrist if you were going to dinner or throw it over your shoulder like a cross body if you were going to work. It isn’t too big and isn’t too small – it’s just right. Both colors are perfect for everyday as well. I would recommend this one due to the look, the various ways you could use it, and the brand is a favorite. Plus, it’s on MAJOR sale from over $300 down to $118!
  6. Michael Kors Mercer Medium Leather Crossbody //$228
    1. I’ve had a Michael Kors handbag that I will never get rid of (see above!). I think I bought it back in 2012 or so. It has been so sturdy. I love it! I like this bag because it’s more structured and can be easy to carry as an evening bag or a cross body. Plus, they have some beautiful neutral colors. The luggage color is amaze. It steers you away from black and adds a statement. I would recommend this one due to how long I know it will last, the style of the handbag is a classic, and its functional.
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2017 Resolutions and Goals…


new-years new-years-3 new-years-4 new-years-5 new-years-6 new-years-7

Shoes: Sorel • Jeans: Rag and Bone • Sweatshirt: Ily Couture • Sweater: Revolve • Gloves: Amazon • Scarf: Free People • Earrings: David Yurman • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

With day 4 under our belt in 2017, I’ve finally finished my goals and resolutions and wanted to share. Because let’s be real, if I write them down, I have to stick to them. This year, I grabbed a notebook and literally listed out each goal – not in any particular order – that have been brewing in my mind the last few weeks. 2017, let’s go!

  1. Chuck and I. We’ve been married for 3 1/2 years now and I can honestly say they’ve been the best 3 1/2 years. My love for him has grown in a direction I didn’t even know existed. He is my best friend, my lover, and my partner in this world we call life. In 2017, we want to dedicate time for each other weekly. Not just dinner every night at home, but date nights once a week where we leave our cell phones at home. It is so easy to grab your phone and innately check Insta or Facebook. (Terrible, I know!) And the device problem is mostly me, so I need to work on that. Can’t wait for our date nights!
  2. Cherish my Time. I am infamous for overbooking myself/Chuck too, with dinners, girls nights, etc. I am very social but sometimes it is too much, even for an extravert. In 2017, I’m going to carefully book dinners/girls nights so that I’m not stressing myself out. Because after work, I’m exhausted and just want make some din din and relax with Chuck. (I swear, I’m getting old!). And I’m just going to be honest when I decline an invite. I tend to get nervous about what my friend is going to say if I can’t make it, but at the end of the day, almost 100% of the time, they completely understand.
  3. Remind myself – ‘Attitude is Everything’. It is so easy to have an irritable attitude or annoyed attitude with something or someone, whether its at work or with friends or your hubby. But we must always remember that there are a thousand worse situations than yours. In 2017, I want to remember that in those times – take a minute to adjust your mindset/attitude to remain positive.
  4. Thank you, Jesus. In October of 2016, I started saying, ‘Thank you Jesus’ sporadically throughout the day. Our pastor challenged us to try doing this to see what would happen. It’s been pretty amazing. The whole attitude section I talked about above, definitely shifted. Saying, ‘Thank you Jesus’ without adding any thing, person, or situation to it, allows the Lord to speak to you. I feel like in the past few months alone, I’ve been able to hear Him more than I ever have. And am reminded of those little things that we should be grateful for that we take for granted every day. In 2017, my goal is to continue to Thank Jesus throughout the day and grow in my faith in the Lord and his purpose for me.
  5. Exercise my Eyes, not my Thumb. Every night before bed, I sit there scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. My thumb should be skinnier than any other finger since I scroll so much. First off, I shouldn’t be looking at a device right before bed. I just know thats not healthy for me. Secondly. I shouldn’t be looking through pointless Instagram stories and pictures that add zero value to my brain. In 2017, I will spend 30 minutes before bed, reading. This way, I can actually say I’ve read a few books or dedicated time to my bible daily. Plus, I learned from Ariana Huffington, that the 30 minutes before bed should be a transition period so you sleep better. I’ll let you know how this goes.
  6. Always see people through God’s eyes, listen to people through God’s hear, speak to people through God’s mouth, and be compassionate through God’s heart. It’s so easy to judge people (even when you are unaware of doing it!) – judge their tone, why are they talking to my like that, why are they looking at me like that, why are they so upset, or are they upset with me? It’s so easy to have this dialogue in your head. And the #1 word that each of these questions have in common is – me. Believe it or not, it’s not all about you. Who knows what they’re going through at home, with their spouse, with their emotions, etc.! So my goal in 2017 is to always have eyes that view people with grace, love, and compassion. And not take it personally.
  7. Serve my Girlfriends. Each one of my friends have different personalities and their own unique demeanor. And I love each of them for their differing qualities.  They truly mean a lot to me – in so many ways. They are so supportive, loving and always have my back. To me, it’s super important to have girlfriends that you can chat about life with. I love the dynamic between me and my girls! Life is just better with them in it!  In 2017, I want to serve them more in whatever way they love best – quality time, check-in texts, cards, gifts, calls, etc. Girls, get ready for the Husum!
  8. ‘You go Nowhere By Accident’. On good days and bad days – at work or at home – it is such a good reminder to  know that, wherever you go, God is sending you there. Where you are, God has put you there.  God has a purpose in your being there.  At the end of the day, I need to remind myself to have faith in exactly where I’m meant to be. Christ, who lives in us, wants to do something through us where we are.  In 2017, my goal is to go everywhere with the intentionality of God’s grace, abundance, working in me, strengthening me, saving me, and always forgiving me.
  9. Fiercely Charming. My hobby is FC! I just LOVE it. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved clothes. I’ve loved dressing up and always getting a new outfit. (I blame my mom! She would always take me shopping and buy me something! Thanks mama!) But I always felt like it was so hard to break into the fashion industry, so I blocked that love of mine out of my head. Fast forward to 2 years ago – my bestie showed me my first fashion blog and just like that – I fell in love. I went home and research fashion bloggers and found a bunch of them that I loved – Rach Parcell, Katey MacFarland, Courtney Kerr, Emily Jackson and many more. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to create my own fashion blog with the goal of empowering women to feel beautiful in whatever they’re wearing without breaking the bank. My goal in 2017, is to continue to produce content, consistently. And just BE. My brain is always running 1000 miles an hour, trying to figure out how I take FC to the next level. What I have to remember is, it doesn’t matter how many social followers I have or how many likes I get on each post – all that matters is that I still love working on my blog and that God has a purpose in me doing it. I just need to be in the moment and know that the Lord has a vision for me.
  10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Lastly, I just wanted to have fun! My type A personality makes me take small things too seriously at times. I can get irritated about silly things be too hard on other people. In 2017, I want to brush those small things off and move forward. I need to free up that irritable space and enjoy the real moments that count the most.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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3 Classic Accessories to Wear with Anything, Everyday..

saint-laurent saint-laurent-2 saint-laurent-3 saint-laurent-4 saint-laurent-5 saint-laurent-6

Shoes: Joes (old! similar style here!) • Jeans: Banana Republic (similar with no distress) • Sweater: Nordstrom • Sunnies: Celine (similar style here! Only $14.79!!) • Bracelet: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Watch: Michele • Handbag: Saint Laurent (similar style here!) • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

Happy New Year everyone! I’m totally going to say the same thing everyone is saying…I can’t believe it’s already 2017! Where did 2016 go? I am so looking forward to 2017! I feel much more ready for the new year than I did last year.

If you’ve followed Fiercely Charming for a minute or awhile, you may have noticed that I always wear my Michele watch and my David Yurman ring. I mean, always, without fail. I am a firm believer of classic jewelry that I can wear every day, with any outfit. Both of these items are super special to me as well. Let me tell you the backstory on each.

The Michele. When I graduated from college, I started a full-time job in Marketing. I told myself that when/if I get my first bonus, I want to buy myself a Michele watch. I have eyed this Michele watch since I was 18 years old. But let’s be real, when you ask your parents for a $2,000+ dollar watch, they laugh in your face. So I knew that I needed to work hard to make this purchase. After a year of working hard, my best friend and I went to the Nordstrom and I bought it. I did it! I bought it! I was ecstatic. I couldn’t believe I was able to do this. Such a privilege. Now, fast forward to today – 6  years later – I have worn my Michele every single day. I’ve worn it in weddings, to fancy dinners, and every day at work. It’s one of those classic pieces that you can wear on any occasion to any event or day-to-day activity. If you’re looking for a timeless watch, I’d recommend this one for sure. It’s not inexpensive, but trust me, when you end up wearing it all the time, you’ll get your money’s worth and look at it as an investment.

The David Yurman Ring. About 4-5 years ago, I was introduced to David Yurman through a few friends who owned some of his beautiful jewelry. I loved the rope look that tied a ring or bracelet together. I originally wanted this one. But it was really big on my finger (which I like, but it was too much!) and I’d have to say the price was up there as well. On my birthday, my parents surprised me with the current ring I have and I fell in love. It’s the perfect size and one that goes with any outfit. Plus, I loved the onyx. It looks so bold and beautiful. Ever since that day, I wore that ring on the regular. It dresses up my right hand and I never buy rings.

The David Yurman Bracelet to Match. The third piece of jewelry that is classic and one that you can wear everyday is this David Yurman bracelet. This one is new! I received it as a gift on Christmas. My dad always likes to spoil me (my mom does too, but really my dad is the spoiler when it comes to jewelry!). He’s gotten me interested in it ever since I was a little girl. He knew I wanted this bracelet to match the ring and to stack with my watch. So on Christmas, I was definitely surprised when I opened it. Such a sweet gift. I have been wearing it everyday since Christmas and I must say, it looks so good! I’m loving it. I’d definitely consider a David Yurman bracelet as a classic piece of jewelry that you can wear with anything, every single day.

What are your favorite classic accessories?

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Hello 2017 | Goodbye 2016!

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bridesmaid 6leopard-6anniversary-5valentinos-2black-denim-4

With 2017 just around the corner, I started reminiscing about 2016! What a year it has been. I thought I’d share each of your favorite Fiercely Charming posts from 2016. Click through each picture to see the full post! Thank you all for supporting me and Fiercely Charming in 2016. I have some fun plans for 2017 that I can’t wait to share with you all!

In 2016, we’ve had its ups and we’ve definitely had downs. Both, Chuck and I, had our grandmother’s pass away this year. That was tough! We’ve never lost a family member that we were close to so having that happen twice in one year wasn’t easy. I was very close to my grandma. When I was a little girl, she came and visited us every winter (we lived in New Orleans, so the weather was great!). She would take me to school and pick me up every day. I loved the time we had together. She’d take me to get McDonalds after school or ice cream. It was so special. She was 85 when she passed. Situ, you will always be in my heart.

We also had to buy a new roof! Yes, I know. Annoying! One of the most expensive items for a house and we had to buy one this year. That wasn’t fun but it is nice to have a new roof for fall and winter.

And I’m not even going to start the conversation about the election. But let’s just say…what is this world coming to!

On the upside, we have two great jobs.

I switched roles in June to a content marketing manager role and I’m LOVING IT! I finally feel like I found what I truly love to do in my day-to-day. It’s been a super busy 6 months, ramping up in a new role, but I’m loving every single minute of it.

And my BESTIE is PREGGO!! We found out in April timeframe and ever since the moment she told me, my heart has felt so full! She is like a sister to me. There’s something so special about her. Ever since the first day I met her, we had a special bond. I always wanted a sister growing up and I would pray to God all the time for my parents to have another kid. Instead, he blessed me with a handful of beautiful strong women, and this girl!  And I can’t even explain the love I have for her little boy and he isn’t even here yet. Can’t wait to meet him February 2017! Best gift on the way.

I also feel like my relationship with the Lord has progressed. I’ve been more conscious to thank the Lord every single day instead of praying for what we think we need. At work, I have the Benediction prayer that our Church prays over us every Sunday to keep me in perspective. It reminds me that the Lord has me exactly where I’m meant to be and that He’s put me here for a reason.

I hope each of you have a great 2017!

xo Lauren