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Top 5 Nordstrom Sale Crossbody's Under $200!…

  1. AllSaints Ray Nubuck Crossbody | Sale Price: $185.90 | The color of this bag caught my eye. I love the maroon/burnt orange color for Fall (and we all know, we shop the Nordy’s sale to get a head start on our Fall items!). The braided detail around the border of the bag is so darling – it adds just enough texture without going over the top. And the tassel…I love! If you’re looking for the perfect Fall crossbody – this is the bag for you!
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Camera Bag | Sale Price: $196.90 | The strap on this bag is probably my fave! I’ve been loving the unique, patterned straps – it gives the bag so much character. Think of a weekend trip away with this darling cross body – the light gray color goes with any outfit and is the perfect size for a getaway. If you’ve got a Labor Trip on the horizon and you need a cross body that isn’t too small or too big, this one is for you!
  3. Ted Baker London Textured Bar Crossbody | Sale Price: $105.90 | First off, I love the gold bar detail on this cross body – It adds a classic element to it. And the interior lining is darling (even though no one will see that but you!). Imagine a neutral outfit, say white pants and a light gray or tan top with this cross body! This pop of hot pink would add so much color and sass to your look. Lastly, the chain strap adds a dressy feel so feel free to wear this to a wedding or any special occasion.
  4. Kate Spade New York Young Lane Crossbody | Sale Price: $129.90 | A black cross body is always necessary – I mean, it’s your everyday bag. Wear it to work, to dinner, to girls night, to date night, to just about anywhere – this is your daily bag. Kate Spade is high quality and will last and at this price, you just can’t beat it. If you’re looking for a new everyday bag for Fall, I’d swoop this one up before it’s gone!
  5. Rebecca Minkoff Small Love Nubuck Crossbody | Sale Price: $149.90 | This cross body style is such a classic look – it mirrors the Chanel look without the price tag. I haven’t seen this olive green, but how cute is this color? I see this bag as one you could wear daily as well. It looks like the texture is suede but this bag is in full leather (which holds up great when you need a bag you can wear all the time). What I love about this is one is the leather looks different than typical leather. It’s not too shiny, but has that matte look. I also love the mixed strap – chain and leather. The beauty of this is when you wear this bag over your shoulder, the chain won’t dig into your skin because there’s a leather strap to sit on your arm – perfection. If you’re in need for a Fall cross body that is a little bigger, looks designer, and will last – this is your pick!
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The Must-Have Summer Dress Under $50!…

Shoes: Tory Burch • Dress: Nasty Gal (On sale for $25!) • Earrings: Nordstrom • Sunnies: Tory Burch • Bracelets: J.Crew • Handbag: Clare V. • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

Ok, let me break it down for you – It’s summer, it’s hot, and dress season is in full swing! When it’s super hot out, I love wearing dresses because they are flowy and easy to stay cool in. This dress is <insert heaven hands> so perfect for summer.

Below I’ve listed my Top 3 reasons you must-have this dress for your summer months:

  1. Perfect for any Occasion. This dress can easily be dressed up for a wedding or worn casually to a bridal shower or lunch with girlfriends. The ruffle detail really adds personality to this dress and is the statement of this look. No need to add a ton of accessories – the ruffles do it. I loved pairing this dress with a leopard print so it adds a pop of pattern. I also could see this dress paired with some scrappy sandals with a heel to dress it up and add an elongated/fancy look.
  2. The Price. Gals, this dress is originally $50 but is ON SALE for $25!! I repeat, $25! And the material is not cheap material – it’s a thicker fabric that will definitely last, so be sure to snag yours now at
  3. Fits any Body Type. Whether you are tall, this will show off some leg without being too short- or petite (like me), it can be worn as a more formal look since it falls beyond the knees. It lays off the shoulder with an elastic fabric so can easily be worn higher or lower on someone’s shoulders, given their height.

How would you wear this dress?


'How-to' Petite Petite Style Guide

How-to Dress Casual this Summer…

Shoes: Tory Burch • Denim: Rag and Bone • Top: William RAST (On Sale for $39.99!) • Handbag: Valentino • Earrings: Stella and Dot (On Sale for $39.20!) • Sunnies: Celine (Similar style here) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman 

Summer has finally hit Seattle and it is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t visited Seattle before, I highly recommend coming between June and October. They are (usually!) the warmest, most beautiful months here in the PNW. When it comes to summers in Seattle, the temps are typically between 75-85 degrees but there are days when it can drop to 65-70 degrees – not too hot, not too cold.

When it’s a bit cooler than in the 80’s, us Seattleites need some layers. This look is perfect for those summer days when the sun is out but the temps are lower than the norm. I love these rag and bone jeans because they fit super well, I didn’t have the get them hemmed, and the color never seems to fade like other denim. I paired them with this ‘triple tie top’. Ya’ll, I’m in LOVE with this top. It’s a thick linen fabric and ties on the sleeves and at the bottom of the top. The back lays a bit longer which I love because the shirt never rides up. You may be wondering, what is this brand, William RAST? Well, I found it at Macy’s and it’s a brand by Justin Timberlake – when I found that out, I was like, SOLD! Definitely check this brand out.

I paired this look with my Tory Burch sandals (that I’ve had for 3 summers now – they are so great!) which are super comfortable and easy to walk around in. If you are wine tasting, walking around town, or grabbing  lunch with your girlfriends, these sandals are perfect to pair with a casual look.

What is your favorite casual look for summer?

'How-to' Petite Petite Style Guide Weekend Style

4 Ways to Wear Suede in Spring…


Shoes: Dolce Vida (only $99.90!) • Jeans: Rag and Bone • Top: Banana Republic • Jacket: Zara • Handbag: Saint Laurent (Similar style here) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

I’m dying over this jacket. I’ve seen so many suede jackets this spring but when I saw this one – in this perfect pink color – I had to get it. As a petite gal, it’s hard to wear bulky clothes and look sleek. Bulky and sleek just don’t go together! So when I think about suede, I think heavy, baggier and not fitting – which is hard for us petite gals. This suede jacket is shorter than your typical jacket, the sleeve length fits perfect, and as I mentioned, the color got me hooked!

Now, I know not all suede items look great on my ladies who are under 5’2 – Good News my fellow petite gals – I have figured out how to pull off suede in the spring and not feel like you’re wearing a baggy outfit.  Below, I’m sharing 4 different ways to wear suede this spring:

  1. Dresses. There are so many darling suede dresses – this one is a great one and under $40! As a petite gal, you could wear this dress by itself and some cute pumps or wedges and you’re set. If it feels too baggy, grab your black or beige belt, tie it around your waist, and you’ll accentuate your silhouette.
  2. Shoes. Suede booties and pumps are IN! I’m loving the suede pumps because they are perfect for work or a night out with your man.  Here are a pair of Sam Edelman that are super cute. The booties are also a great shoe addition for everyday wear. The black suede looks very rich and can be dressed up for work or a girls night. A beige suede bootie would be perfect for a casual Saturday running errands and grabbing lunch with your girlfriends.
  3. Skirts. I love skirts! As a petite woman, being able to tuck your shirt into a skirt cinch’s your waist and is very flattering. When you think about a suede skirt, you don’t have to worry about it being too baggy because you can fix that with your top. This skirt would be perfect to wear when you’re presenting to your boss and then worn to happy hour with your girlfriends (and it’s under $50!).
  4. Accessories. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I have a handbag obsession. I love just them – all shapes, all sizes, and all colors – I just love handbags. It’s my thing! Suede may not be your thing all the time – and that’s ok – but if you’re wanting to add a pop of color to your outfit, accessories can accomplish that for you. Specifically, a handbag! Here is an example of chartreuse, suede handbag that would brighten up a spring outfit in 2 seconds. If you’re looking for a stronger look without diving into it – a suede accessory will do the trick.

How have you worn suede this Spring?

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Scared to Wear White? 3 Tips to Help Face your Fears…

Shoes: Jimmy Choo • Pants: Ann Taylor (Old! Similar style here) • Top: Anthropologie (Old! Similar style here) • Handbag: Givenchy (Similar style here – Only $69.95!) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. • Lip Liner: Vino by MAC • Lipstick: Rebel by MAC

I love a pair of white pants more than I love jeans and other denim. White has a sense of fancy and style without trying. However, I know what you may be thinking, ‘There is no way I’m wearing white! I will have a stain on those babies in 2 mins.’ Well, I get it and used to feel the same way until I owned these.

Today, I’m going to break your fear of wearing white so you’ll want to jet over to the mall and grab a pair yourself.

  1. When to Wear White. First off, there is a difference between white denim and a white pair of slacks. I’m going to focus on the slacks but if you’re interested, you can find out how to pick the right white denim for you here. Ok – so here’s the deal: These pants can be worn professionally or out on the town with your man or your girls. They are definitely a bit fancier so not super conducive for a Saturday running errands 😉  They are the statement piece – between the leg width, the belt detail, and the color – they will make your outfit shine. Which is kind of funny, because typically when you think ‘statement’ piece, you think bright colors and shiny accessories (am I right?!).
  2. Tide To-Go is Your BFF. I know one fear many of you may have is, ‘How do you avoid stains?’. First off, pants don’t manage to stain (for me!) as much as tops do so hopefully you won’t have too many issues with pants. However, my one tip for wearing white is: Tide to-go. I always toss a Tide to-go stick in my handbag when I wear my white pants. That way, if you accidentally spill your food on your lap (I’m totally guilty of that!) then you can run to the bathroom and get the stain out instantly instead of waiting till you bring them to the cleaners. 
  3. What to Pair White With. The beauty of white is you can wear it with just about anything, any color, any pattern, etc. If you were to wear these pants to work, I would recommend sticking to the neutral color palette so it remains a professional look – a black blazer with white pants and your black or nude pumps would be perfect for a day with loads of meetings and/or a big presentation. Grab one of your fun clutches (to spice up the look!) and you’re on your way. Now, if you plan to wear these pants out for a girls night or a date night – then you can explore several more options. Colorful tops, textured patterns, i.e. lace, statement accessories, and fun shoes can all be worn with these pants to make them even dressier. You’ll be the best dressed for your evening out!

I hope this has helped you face your fears of wearing white. Honestly, my motto is – they are just clothes. You can get them dry-cleaned (worst case!) so wear them and enjoy them!

'How-to' Petite Weekend Style

4 Simple Ways to Organize Your Closet this Spring…

Shoes: Steve Madden (Only $39.90!) • Denim: Banana Republic • Top: Zara (old! Similar style here) • Watch: Daniel Wellington • Earrings: Kate Spade

This past weekend, Chuck and I were super productive. We did yard work (before it rained!), managed to finish all the laundry (that definitely gets a thumbs up!), and I was able to organize my sections of the closet. I literally haven’t gone through my closet in forever – I can’t even remember the last time I did.

When I cleaned my closet out, I felt so satisfied and purged – almost a bit free. My closet was getting too jam packed with clothes and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t see everything. Do you ever feel like that? I really wanted to purge and determine what classic items I really needed to add to my wardrobe. I’m sort of over the – lots of inexpensive clothes so you have a ton of options ordeal. I’m starting to shift my wardrobe mindset to be more thoughtful in what I buy vs. fast/impulsive – identify what I need that can be worn in multiple styles vs. what I want in that moment.

I wanted to share my 4 tips for organizing your closet so if you are in the mood to spring clean, you can be productive and efficient in your organizing. Shall we begin?

  1. Clear Out Your Closet. Everything must be taken out of your closet. Just grab as many items of clothing you can carry and lay them on your bed. This allows you to go through every single item and determine where you want to place them back in your closet.
  2.  Save, Toss, or Give. Once all of your clothes are on your bed or floor or wherever you can place them all, start going through every time – 1 by 1. If you have items that are torn or not in good condition, throw them in your toss pile – these are the items you will most likely not even give to goodwill. Now, for those items that you are torn between saving or giving away – I have a rule.              If you don’t look at the item and like it within the first 5 seconds, you’ll never wear it. So then you can decide whether you want to save it or give it to goodwill. Now, there also might be some items that are in really good condition that you may want to sell – do it! Set those pieces aside and pick your method for selling clothing, i.e. consignment shop, thredUP, or Buffalo Exchange. I’ve heard great things about all of these options so take your pick.
  3. Sort, Sort, Sort. Ok, once you have your separate piles of clothes, start with your save pile and begin placing your pieces back into your closet. I typically sort my clothes by type and then color. For example, since it’s spring, I placed my sweaters towards the back of the closet since I won’t be needing them. Once I have them placed in my closet, I rearrange and organize them by color. Start doing this for all of your different types of clothes.
  4. Clean Up. Once you’ve organized all of your clothes back into your closet, it’s time to finish organize the other two piles of clothes. For the clothes I give to goodwill – I usually fold my clothes up and place them in a big Nordstrom bag or a garbage bag. For the clothes I sell – I usually place them in a big Nordstrom bag so I can easily pull them out at the consignment shop. If you use thredUp, they will send you a bag that you will send the clothes in so you will be set.

I hope this helps guide you through organizing your closet this Spring!

xo Lauren

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How to Wear Florals When Winter Lingers…

I spy a really cute photobomber!

Shoes: Steve Madden (On sale for $39.90!) • Jumpsuit: Old! (Similar style here!) • Sweater: Old! (Similar style here!) • Clutch: Old! (Similar style here!) • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Lipstick: YSL Le Rouge • Lip Liner: Kiss Me Quick by MAC • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman

This past weekend, Seattle was blessed with one, not two, but one absolutely beautiful spring day – and that day was Friday! Luckily my manager told us to get out of the office in the afternoon so we could actually enjoy this one day worth of pure bliss. But it was stunning – the sky didn’t have a cloud in sight, the birds were chirping, and the bees were out! When the bees are out, it means its a nice day! 😉

Then Saturday and Sunday rolled around and it was back to…wait for it…rain! And more rain. Apparently Seattle broke a record for the most days of rain in a row – a whopping 122 days! Vitamin D deficiency much? Holy smokes – why?? I just don’t understand. But with the final days of winter still around, there has to be a way to brighten your look – and I’ve got the trick.

Florals for Spring, groundbreaking.

We’ve all heard this line. But shockingly enough – florals didn’t make the Top 6 Spring trends this year. However, pink did. And when there’s florals, there’s pink. Pink was huge during NYFW and Paris Fashion week. On these days when winter wants to hang (but we’re like Mean Girls and say, ‘You can’t sit with us!’), throw on your black jumpsuit and add a pop of floral to freshen your look. I love floral sweaters because you can easily dress up a neutral outfit with it. I linked an adorable floral top from TopShop because mine is super old. I also love the floral print sandals/heels. They can add color and a fresh look to any neutral outfit.

How do you wear your florals for Spring?

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How-to Wear 1 Dress to 3 Different Occasions…

Meet my sweet nephew, Nixon, and gorgeous mama!

Shoes: Michael Kors • Dress: Eliza J from Nordstrom • Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. • Watch: Michele • Ring: David Yurman • Earrings: T&J Designs • Clutch: Francesca’s (old! Similar style here) • Lipstick: Chanel

I have eyed this dress for about a year now! You’re probably thinking, has this dress actually been available for a year? Well, no. But, last Spring, Eliza J had this exact same, 2 piece dress with the same lattice work design but was in a light pink color. It was so gorgeous! But, I didn’t have it in the budget to purchase when it came out so I thought, I’ll just wait a few weeks and go pick it up. Well, a few weeks came and went and when I went to Nordy’s to pick it up, there was no size 0 in the entire company :/ I was so bummed!

So when I saw this baby a few months ago, I literally got up that Saturday and went straight to Nordstrom to pick it up. And it fit so perfectly! What I love about this 2 piece is it’s very comfortable, classy (it doesn’t show your midriff even though the top is a crop), and the skirt has pockets. I mean, how much more comfortable can you get?

Beyond the fit, here’s the real beauty of this dress – you can wear it to 3 different occasions, 3 different ways, aka. no outfit repeat! Below I’ve captured the 3 outfits and occasions you can wear this to:

  1. Girls Night | Crop Top with Denim. Ok – summer is on it’s way (at least I hope! This whole rain situation needs to end). But once summer does arrive, girls nights on the patio is a must. And when preparing for your girls night, you got to prepare your outfit. I would recommend taking this crop top and pairing it with denim shorts or skinnies and some heels. This way, the top is still the statement but also dresses up a simple denim look – which is perfect for a night with your girls!
  2. Spring/Summer Wedding | The Full Dress. With weddings filling up our calendars for the spring/summer, it’s always fun to pick out a new dress to wear. But first, we have to make sure it’s not white – check! This two piece number would be perfect for attending a wedding in. It’s baby blue, so won’t clash with the bride 😉 and is easy to wear when the suns shining on you. I’d definitely recommend a comfortable dress like this for an upcoming wedding – plus, when you hit the dance floor, you can twirl that skirt around like nobody’s business!
  3. Dinner Party or BBQ | Add a Graphic Tee. Once the sun is constantly shining, we tend to want to entertain more because we can BBQ and be outside in the sunshine. Plus, our friends like to do the same, so the summer’s are filled with Saturday night parties/BBQs. I would recommend pairing this skirt with a fun, graphic tee (like this one I showcased a few weeks ago!). It dresses down the skirt while still allowing it to be the statement. I would then add a pair of fun sandals (flats or heels) and call it a day. Super easy to put together and will be easy to wear to someone’s house.

Hope you love this dress as much as I do and get as great use out of it!

xo Lauren

'How-to' Petite Petite Style Guide

How-to Add a Pop of Color to your Date Night…

Shoes: Tory Burch • Denim: Banana Republic • Top: BCBG (Old! Similar style here!) • Earrings: J.Crew • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: Chanel • Handbag: Saint Laurent (Similar style here!)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great Easter weekend. We ended up going on a date night on Saturday night and I wore this outfit. Once Spring hits, I wear white pants all.the.time! I love that they go with anything and can be worn with any color you pair it with! (insert Heaven hands!) These skinny ones fit us, petite gals, really well – quick side note: Banana Republic has, hands down, the best petite, white denim. Don’t walk – run to the nearest Banana Republic and get yourself a pair (I didn’t even have to hem these!).

OK, back to this outfit – I paired this flowy, white top with my white denim to keep the outfit neutral and used my heels to add a pop of color to the look. Not only can you use shoes, you can pretty much use any accessory you own to add color to your outfit. For example, wear a neutral shoe with this outfit and add a bold, red lip and we’re in business. Or, add a colorful statement necklace to enhance your look. Don’t be afraid of your accessories. Bring them out with any neutral outfit to sass it up!

What do you like to wear to add color to your look? 

'How-to' Petite Petite Style Guide

5 Secrets to Layering for Spring…

Shoes: DSW (Similar style here!) • Denim: Banana Republic • Long Sleeve Top: BP at Nordstrom (On Sale for $10.80!) • Sleeveless Sweater: Banana Republic (Similar style here – Only $35!) • Necklace: Stella and Dot • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Handbag: Givenchy (similar style here! Only $69.95!) • Ring: David Yurman • Cuff: The Styled Collection • Watch: Michele • Lipstick: Liv it Up by Charlotte Tilbury

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry I was a bit MIA last week. I ended up getting a sore throat at the beginning of last week and it turned into a terrible head cold 🙁 But I’m doing much better now and officially ready for spring.  Seattle sun hasn’t made an appearance quite yet but we are getting a few glimpses here and there (thank goodness!).

As we transition into spring, there are still those chilly and wet days so I’m breaking down 5 tips to layering your outfits during the awkward in-between weather – while still feeling springy.

  1. Sleeveless Sweaters Over Anything. I love these sleeveless sweaters! I’ve had this particular one since last spring and I’ve worn it all year. It’s the perfect weight – not too heavy or too light – and can easily be worn over a long sleeve top. You can also wear it over a tank top or short sleeve blouse with a pair of denim. It’s perfect for those overcast days where a simple dress won’t do the trick.
  2. Maxi Dress Paired with a Sweater. In the spring/summer, you probably have a few maxi dresses that may be short sleeve or sleeveless. They are perfect for summer days! Well, on those nights where the temps are in the 50’s but the sun may be shining, a maxi dress with a cute pullover sweater is perfect. Not only will it be functional, but it adds a different dynamic to a dress. Here’s an example – this dress with this sweater. It dresses up the simple navy blue dress with a color and a floral pattern.
  3. The Chambray Shirt. I know this was a huge hit 2 summers ago but good news – it still is! What I love about denim is you can wear it with just about anything – I consider it a neutral. So bring out your chambray shirt (that I know you have from 2 summers ago!) and shrug it over a tank top or short sleeve shirt, add a long necklace and you’re ready to go!
  4. Add Longer Vests. I love long vests! Even as a petite gal, they just work. When the weather is fickle, embrace the long layers like long vests to add to your dress or your jeans/top. It goes with everything! Here is an example of one that is super cute.
  5. The Neck Makes a Difference. Snag yourself one of these light weight turtle necks and wear it under a sleeveless dress to easily style one of your spring numbers. You can also take this same turtle neck and tuck it into a cute, denim skirt with a pair of booties and you’re set. These are such an easy staple to pair with one of your spring pieces.

xo Lauren