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'How-to' Petite Petite Style Guide

Guide to Clashing Prints with Fiercely Charming…

Shoes: Anthropologie (Old! Similar Fall style here) • Skirt: Francescas (Old! Similar style here) • Top: Lauren Conrad Collection • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Handbag: Givenchy (Similar style here) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Ring: David Yurman • Lipstick: Kim KW by Charlotte Tilbury

I love mixing patterns but it can be hard to determine which patterns look good together – especially if they are both dominate. I love when I see gals mix two very bold prints – I’m always thinking, how did they come up with that look…and it looks good!

In this post, I’m going to review 3 ways to mix, match, and clash patterns that you can easily apply to your wardrobe.

  1. Pick two prints that Share a Similar Color. Similar to this outfit, you’ll notice the skirt is a navy blue, checkered pattern and the top is all florals (two very different patterns) – however, the top has blue hues which ties in the blue in the skirt.
  2. Treat Stripes and Checkered Patterns as Neutral Looks. This skirt is not the dominant pattern – the florals are. I look at the small, checkered pattern as a neutral and you can mix any other pattern with it – as long as the second pattern has blue in it, it will mix well.
  3. Break up Patterns with a Bold Shoe. Add a bold color to your 2 mixed patterns through an accessory – a belt or pair of shoes. The trick to adding a color is that is in the same color family. For example, in this look, I added a yellow shoe, but the yellow was a pastel color which matched well with the prints.

How do you mix and match your patterns?



'How-to' Petite Petite Style Guide

Do's and Don'ts for Transitioning from Summer to Fall…

Shoes: Tory Burch (On Sale for $199!) • Denim: Free People • Top: Evereve • Handbag: Saint Laurent (similar style here) • Watch: Michele • Cuff: David Yurman • Gold Cuff: Stella and Dot • Necklace: Stella and Dot (no longer available, but similar style here) • Earrings: Kate Spade • Lipstick: YSL #1 • Ring: David Yurman

I love a neutral lace look – it’s easy to wear with just about any bottom: denim, black pants, a skirt – it goes with everything. And can be worn in the summer and the Fall depending on how you pair it. I picked up this lace top from a local boutique called, Evereve – they have some darling items. And I thought it would be perfect to transition from these hot temps to the 60 degree weather.

Below, I’ve included some Do’s and Don’ts for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to Fall:

  1. Do Wear Leggings | Ladies, it’s time to break out leggings or tights with those dresses to keep you warm. Plus, I love taking a dress that I wore in the summer and pairing it with leggings for Fall.
  2. Don’t Wear Crop tops | To me, crop tops are specifically for spring and summer – I don’t know about you but showing my midriff in the Fall is like looking at a ghost. I recommend saving those tops for Summer 2018!
  3. Do Wear Sandals | I’m a big proponent of wearing sandals into Fall. For example, Paul Green’s sandals are perfect to pair with denim on days that aren’t freezing. So if you can extend your sandal wear into Fall, I highly recommend it.
  4. Don’tWear Hiking Gear Unless You’re Hiking | I know I live in Seattle so NorthFace, Patagonia, Arcteryx – they are all great brands with fantastic outdoor gear. But in the Fall, I try to invest in one coat/jacket that I can wear throughout the winter – one that is easy to layer and can be easy to wear on a warmer Fall day. I invested in this Burberry coat back in Spring and it has been so versatile and easy to wear throughout the summer nights so I can imagine it’s going to be perfect for Fall.
  5. Do Become Besties with this Accessory | Scarves, scarves, scarves! They are my go-to accessory for Fall. In fact, I have an entire dresser drawer dedicated to scarves. In the Fall, it’s so easy to throw on a top and some denim and dress it up with a fun, colorful or pattern-esque scarf. So if you’re low in the scarf department, go pick a few to add to your wardrobe.

What are your transition tips for Fall?

'How-to' Petite

3 Bride Approved Tips for Wedding Guest Attire…

Shoes: Michael Kors • Dress: Zara (old! Similar style here) • Handbag: Clare V • Watch: Michele • Silver Cuff: David Yurman • Gold Cuff: The Styled Collection • Earrings: Bauble Bar • Lipstick: Chanel

Weddings are so fun! Who’s with me? I love watching two people become a forever couple – such an amazing life moment. Chuck and I have been to 2 weddings this summer, so far, and both have been so beautiful in their own way. But when it comes to weddings, you must know what you can and cannot wear.

In this post, I’ve outlined 3 Bride Approved tips for wedding guest attire:

  1. Don’t Wear White. I think this is pretty obvious but the Bride is the only woman that can wear white to a wedding. And I hate to say it but I’ve definitely seen some offenders. However, I have found one bridal event that you could pull off white to – a Welcome Party. Now, don’t wear a full length white lace dress, but feel free to wear a dress that has a white background and a floral print or stripes. That is Bride approved!
  2. Do Wear Whatever Dress Length. Now, if it’s a summer wedding, you probably won’t wear a ball gown, but if that is your style and you want to wear that, do it. First step is to determine if there is a dress code. If there is one, you must abide to it to be considerate. However, if there is no dress code, feel free to wear as fancy of a dress as you want – it is completely up to you. There is nothing wrong with dressing up to a wedding. There is also nothing wrong with dressing more casual if it is outdoor and there isn’t a set dress code.
  3.  Don’t Be Shy. If you are unsure of what to wear to a specific wedding, send a quick text or email with a pic of what you’re planning to wear to ensure she approves. My rule is: If you’re attending a Fall wedding, wear a longer dress with flats (so you can break it down on the dance floor) and a cashmere shawl. That looks so classic and works every time. If you’re attending a summer wedding, wear whatever dress you feel comfortable in. Whether its a romper, jumpsuit, skort, dress – it’s completely up to you.

I hope this helps as Wedding Season continues.

xo Lauren