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Business Trip Essentials…

This week I’m going to be out of town on a business trip. I have an all day event that I’m putting on plus dinners every night. Thankfully, I work with some pretty awesome people so they always make work trips ten times more fun.

But, before I can even think about my trip, I can’t avoid the inevitable – I must pack. Who loves to pack? eh…not me. But I do love picking out my outfits and preparing myself for the week ahead.

For this business trip, I took snapshots of 3 different outfits that I coordinated for my trip. My primary goal when packing for a business trip is to bring 1-2 staple pieces, i.e. shoes, handbags, etc, that I can mix and match throughout the few days I’m there.  My hope is that the next time you are heading out on business, you take a look at my business trip essentials and are able to coordinate outfits that can help you wear the same thing twice, pack less, and stay professional.

Here are the outfits I’ve rounded up:

1. The Airport Style.


Shoes: Tory Burch • Pants: Zella Leggings (On sale for $33.90) • Top: J.Crew • Sweater: Forever 21

When I travel, I have to be comfortable. On the way there and back, I plan to wear this simple, cozy outfit.  To save suitcase space, re-wear your airplane outfit. I always do! If it get’s dirty or you spill something on it, your hotel can launder it for you in a day. Boom!  Now, back to the outfit – I’m wearing a J.Crew tee, a pair of Zella leggings, a big sweater, and my Tory Burch sandals. I’ll also pair my Stella and Dot necklace along with my watch and a few bracelets to dress it up.  This way, if I run into anyone from work on my flight, I still look presentable. I also throw a pair of socks into my handbag. You just never know when you get on a plane that’s freezing!

2. Meeting Attire.



Top: Bar III • Skirt: Nordstrom • Shoes: Nordstrom • Handbag: Kate Spade • Earrings: Nordstrom

For this business trip, I have two days full of meetings.  I’m going to a place where it’s super hot outside but freezing inside, because they blast the AC.  So I had to coordinate an outfit that could handle both types of weather. I paired this long white skirt with a simple but classy black tee plus my blush pink heels. This outfit is comfortable and professional. The short sleeves will help me handle the hot temps and the long skirt will keep my legs warm in the cool, AC. Done and done.

3. Evening Apparel.




After a long day of meetings, I’ll get 30 minutes to freshen up and head back down to dinner.  Sometimes, I wear what I wore during the day but other times it’s nice to change it up. That’s what I’m planning to do on this trip. I found this adorable jumpsuit on our way back from Oregon at the Banana Republic outlet. There was one left and it was my size – totally meant to be! Oh and it was on sale from $100 to $16! Anyway, I thought this jumpsuit would be perfect for my evening event on Tuesday. We’re going to a winery so it’ll be indoors and I just know the AC will be on. I’ll be able to wear the same shoes I wore during the day plus the same handbag, which means one less pair of shoes and one less handbag to pack! I’ll bring a black sweater with me in case I get really chilly and boom – I’m good to go!

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