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8 Fall Beauty Favorites…

Hairspray: Kerastase • Wand: Hot Tools • Eye Shadow Pallet: MAC • Studio Fix Foundation: MAC • Under Eye Concealer: It Cosmetics • Deodorant: Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen  • Blush: Rockateur by Benefit • Mascara: HUGE by Stila • Makeup Bag: Shopbop • Leopard Clutch: Clare V


With Fall in full swing, I’ve been re-evaluating my makeup routine to see if there are items I should refresh, cut, or add. Over the past few months, I’ve added a few beauty items that I’m stoked to share with you all. Plus, a few of my long-time faves that I hope you love. Since Fall is crisp, cold and dry – I try to ensure the products that I use keep my skin and hair moisturized. These items have helped me do that!

Below I’ve captured 8 Fall Beauty items, why I love them and where you can get them at a good price.

  1. Kerastase Hairspray | Amazon.  I’ve been using this hairspray for about a month now and I love it. It smells amazing and it keeps my curls in place without making them too crispy like strong hold hairspray does – this is a flexible hairspray that keeps your hair voluminous and in the style you want.
  2. Hot Tools Professional Hair Wand | Amazon.  I’ve been a curling iron with a clamp kinda girl for years and I haven’t broken up with it just yet but boy is this wand making me want to make the switch. I finally learned how to use a wand and to my surprise it has made my hair more voluminous and my curls more structured. If you’ve been toying with the idea of going from a clamp curling iron to this one, I’m telling you – take the leap – you won’t regret it.
  3. MAC Eyeshadow Palette | Nordstrom.  I received this eye shadow palette last Christmas and I literally haven’t had to buy eye shadow since. I repeat – I haven’t had to buy eye shadow since. Isn’t that crazy? I love this palette because I can wear these shades to work, out with my girlfriends or with the fam. I not only use these shades as eye shadow but the shades of brown in this palette are perfect for filling in your eyebrows – so you’re basically killing 2 birds with 1 stone.
  4. It Cosmetic Eye Concealer | Ulta. It cosmetics has been infamous for their under eye concealer and once I finally crossed over to the ‘It Cosmetics’ side, I’ve never returned. Their under eye concealer isn’t too yellow of a color, it matches the pigment of your skin pretty perfectly and stays smooth on your skin throughout the day (rather than looking cake-y).
  5. Studio Fix MAC Foundation | Nordstrom. I don’t know about you but throughout the day my nose and chin start to get a little red – from drinking, eating and rubbing my nose. What I’ve done to help minimize the redness is apply this compact foundation after I apply my liquid foundation. Then I brush on loose powder to set it and I’m set for the day.
  6. Rockateur Blush | Ulta. I’ve been a bronzer girl my whole life…until I met this Rockateur blush. I apply it right above my bronzer to highlight my cheek bones and it has made a difference in my contouring. It adds a tiny bit of rosey red to the darker bronzed color which makes the perfect color for contouring.
  7. Donna Karen Cashmere Mist Deodorant | Nordstrom. I’ve been wearing this deodorant for about a year now and I love it. It smells amazing and I never have to re-apply. I am trying out a few aluminum-free deodorants right now to test for you all – stay tuned for that.
  8. HUGE by Stila Mascara | Ulta. I typically pair ‘Better than Sex’ by two faced mascara with my HUGE by Stila mascara and my eye lashes look fake – literally, fake. However, lately I’ve been lazy and only using my HUGE mascara and I tell ya, it has been making my eye lashes so long and voluminous that I almost feel like I don’t need my other one. I highly recommend trying out this mascara – it’s the best!


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