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5 Tips for Throwing Your Next Baby Shower…


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Mama-to-be’s Outfit | Dress: Free People • Boots: Nordstrom (Out of Stock! similar style here)

My outfit | Shoes: Nordstrom (under $100!) • Black Denim: Paige • Top: Nordstrom (on sale for $11.40!) • Scarf: Madewell (on sale for $39.99!) • Earrings: Stella and Dot

As you may have read in my recap of 2016 post – My bestie is PREGGO! She is due February 10th (only 4 more weeks! holy crap!). We hosted her baby shower before the holidays with girlfriends and mamas and I just had to share the excitement with each of you.  Plus, I’ll provide recommendations of vendors for you to use at the next shower you throw. We were so impressed with the folks we were able to work with that I have to share.

  1. Invites. We used Cardly Worth It for the invites. She did a fantastic job, per the usual. The invites were clean, but had darling details which made them so unique. She provided a handful of sample ideas and we were able to choose from which made the experience really nice. I recently did a post with details on all the great work Cardly Worth It does. You can find it here. Plus, the opportunity for 20% off using code: fiercelycharming. Check out our invite below:img_8950
  2. Photography. As we got closer to the shower, I thought it may be a good idea to have a photographer who could capture all the candids plus get photos of the mama-to-be with each person. I ended up getting introduced to Marc Wai from a friend. He came to our venue, captured all the right moments (see photos above!) and did a great job. He was so kind, always had a smile on his face, and truly loved being there. I would highly recommend him. You can find him on Facebook.
  3. Location. My girlfriends’ sister – who I hosted the shower with – had the idea of hosting the shower at Bar VacilandoWe took Alyssa and she fell in love with the place, so we booked it right away. One of the many things I loved about this place was the ambiance and decor. It had an outdoor patio that had white fencing along the walls and beautiful greenery to add color. It reminded me of a patio in New Orleans. So quaint, yet so thought out. On top of the decor, the experience I had working with them was phenomenal. The gal who I worked with was so accommodating. Anything we needed, she was able to help with plus super responsive. The icing on the cake was that there wasn’t a $500 food/beverage minimum. They simply wanted our experience to be great and wanted us to have the food and drinks that worked for the shower. I would highly recommend this place for any kind of party or shower you may be throwing. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  4. Decor. Some of our girlfriends helped create a ‘Boy Oh Boy’ sign (she made it herself! I know, so crafty!), one who brought flowers to add to the mix, another who brought table signs that said verses (see pic above) and more. We brought our own vases and glassy baby’s to dress up the table and we purchased all the flowers the day of from Pike’s Place market. You could easily pick flowers up from your local grocery store or market near by. We were able to cut costs by doing it this way, while still having beautiful flowers.
  5. Games. As far as games go, we had a few ideas that Alyssa’s sister-in-law came up with. The game we played with everyone was trivia. Basically, everyone had to answer questions about Alyssa and whoever got majority of the answers correct, won a prize! The second activity was writing sweet messages to baby Nixon on wood blocks. And one he get’s a bit older, mama can pull them out for him to play with. The last activity we had was one of my favorites. Alyssa’s sister-in-law is from the South as well and during Mardi Gras, you indulge in a ‘king cake’. It’s basically a large cake in the shape of a circle that has a small, plastic baby in it. Whoever gets the slice of cake with a baby in it, has to bring the king cake to the next party. We played off this tradition and ordered cupcakes from Cupcake Royale and asked them to put a baby in one of the cupcakes. Then whoever got the cupcake with the baby in it, won a prize. People thought it was hilarious that there was a baby in the cake, but it totally worked for the shower! The prizes we gave out were small notebooks that the gals could use. I mean, who doesn’t love stationary.

Overall, we had such a great day celebrating our girl and our new nephew that will join us, come February.

If you need ideas for your next shower you’re throwing, feel free to send me an email at fiercelycharming@gmail.com!

xo Lauren



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