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4 Simple Ways to Organize Your Closet this Spring…

Shoes: Steve Madden (Only $39.90!) • Denim: Banana Republic • Top: Zara (old! Similar style here) • Watch: Daniel Wellington • Earrings: Kate Spade

This past weekend, Chuck and I were super productive. We did yard work (before it rained!), managed to finish all the laundry (that definitely gets a thumbs up!), and I was able to organize my sections of the closet. I literally haven’t gone through my closet in forever – I can’t even remember the last time I did.

When I cleaned my closet out, I felt so satisfied and purged – almost a bit free. My closet was getting too jam packed with clothes and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t see everything. Do you ever feel like that? I really wanted to purge and determine what classic items I really needed to add to my wardrobe. I’m sort of over the – lots of inexpensive clothes so you have a ton of options ordeal. I’m starting to shift my wardrobe mindset to be more thoughtful in what I buy vs. fast/impulsive – identify what I need that can be worn in multiple styles vs. what I want in that moment.

I wanted to share my 4 tips for organizing your closet so if you are in the mood to spring clean, you can be productive and efficient in your organizing. Shall we begin?

  1. Clear Out Your Closet. Everything must be taken out of your closet. Just grab as many items of clothing you can carry and lay them on your bed. This allows you to go through every single item and determine where you want to place them back in your closet.
  2.  Save, Toss, or Give. Once all of your clothes are on your bed or floor or wherever you can place them all, start going through every time – 1 by 1. If you have items that are torn or not in good condition, throw them in your toss pile – these are the items you will most likely not even give to goodwill. Now, for those items that you are torn between saving or giving away – I have a rule.              If you don’t look at the item and like it within the first 5 seconds, you’ll never wear it. So then you can decide whether you want to save it or give it to goodwill. Now, there also might be some items that are in really good condition that you may want to sell – do it! Set those pieces aside and pick your method for selling clothing, i.e. consignment shop, thredUP, or Buffalo Exchange. I’ve heard great things about all of these options so take your pick.
  3. Sort, Sort, Sort. Ok, once you have your separate piles of clothes, start with your save pile and begin placing your pieces back into your closet. I typically sort my clothes by type and then color. For example, since it’s spring, I placed my sweaters towards the back of the closet since I won’t be needing them. Once I have them placed in my closet, I rearrange and organize them by color. Start doing this for all of your different types of clothes.
  4. Clean Up. Once you’ve organized all of your clothes back into your closet, it’s time to finish organize the other two piles of clothes. For the clothes I give to goodwill – I usually fold my clothes up and place them in a big Nordstrom bag or a garbage bag. For the clothes I sell – I usually place them in a big Nordstrom bag so I can easily pull them out at the consignment shop. If you use thredUp, they will send you a bag that you will send the clothes in so you will be set.

I hope this helps guide you through organizing your closet this Spring!

xo Lauren

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