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3 Ways to Mix Patterns…

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Shoes: DSW • Skirt: Forever 21 (only $12.90!) • Top: Who What Wear • Watch: Michele • Spiky Bracelet: Stella and Dot • Chain Bracelet: Tiffany and Co. • Earrings: Stella and Dot • Necklace: I totally stole this necklace from one of my girlfriends! (Kelc – I swear I’ll give it back, girl!) Similar style here • Lipstick: YSL #1 • Ring: David Yurman

It’s Friday and I am so ready for the weekend. This week has been a great week, but I always look forward to a 3-day weekend.

Lately, I’ve been trying to spend less on clothes and put together new outfits that already exist in my closet. This week, I put together this simple, $13 skirt with this fun, checkered blouse, and paired it with these leopard shoes. I’ve been loving mixing patterns. Whenever I see someone who mixed florals with stripes or solids with a detailed design, I instantly am attracted to it. Mostly because it adds so much fun and edge to any outfit and every person who wears it, looks confident. And I can bet money that they feel even more confident too! Now, not everyone is comfortable with mixing patterns, which is totally cool, but I have an example to share.

My Mom!

She’s a perfect example of Matchy, Matchy. Her pants must match her shoe color and the general color palette of her top. It’s like, really, mom? We can do so much better!! I’ve literally gone into her closet and pulled out her entire wardrobe and showed her how she can mix and match her outfits. I even took pictures and sent them to her so she could remember the outfits I put together.  In the beginning, she loved it and definitely wore new, mixed pattern outfits, but recently she’s reverted back to her normal way of dressing.  I think she needs another intervention in her closet 😉  Let me be clear, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I know that I always feel more confident when I actually put an outfit together that mixes and matches patterns or colors.

The primary issue or ‘thing’ that I see with my mom is she is super set in her ways of style and finds it hard to branch out into new, fun ways of pairing her clothes.

If you are similar to my mama, no problem. Here are three ways that can help you mix and match patterns:

  1. Start with Color Mixing. It’s always scary to be a smidge more bold than you normally are with your outfits, but don’t be afraid. Start with color mixing and matching. For example, wear hot pink pants and pair it with a bright red purse. Red and pink may look like they clash but in reality, the color blocks are perfect together. As you feel more comfortable with color matching, move to design mixing and matching.
  2. Florals and Stripes. After you’ve mastered color mixing, start pairing stripes with florals. This is my favorite mix. The stripes serve as a basic and the florals exude fun, fun, fun. For example, think of a white and blue striped shirt with a floral skirt and a some nude pumps. Gorg! Pretty effortless outfit but shows the edge.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid. At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. For me, I love bold, statement outfits that people will see and never forget. If you are more subtle, don’t be afraid to add a colorful statement necklace that brightens your outfit or try and outfit similar to this one. The leopard shoes are somewhat hidden by the skirt so it isn’t an initial, drastic pattern mix to the eye.

You always want to be comfortable with what you wear, so it is completely up to you. But as we head into the summer, try some fun pattern mixes and let me know what you love the most!

Cheers to Friday!

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