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2018 New Year Intentions…

I know it’s a few weeks into the New Year but I finally have my New Year Intentions lined up. I’ve had them done for about a week, but wanted to marinate on them and make sure there wasn’t anything else I wanted to include. But these 6 are realistic and felt like just the right number. This year, I’m calling these intentions rather than resolutions because I feel like resolutions add an element of pressure that just sets you up for failure. Do you ever feel that way? With intentions, you have a greater chance of success and the opportunity to repeat them everyday.

Below are my 6 Intentions for 2018:

  1. Trust in the Lord Above All. 2017 wasn’t the easiest year. It was still a great year, but we definitely had a few bumps. I know Instagram and Facebook can make our lives look so perfect but in reality, we all have ‘stuff’. We had a miscarriage (read full post here) and other family stuff happen.  What has helped us through all these bumps is trusting in the Lord. It’s so easy to enable your anger and emotions to take over. It happened to us throughout this past year and it can really fog your rational thinking and trust in the Lord. What we’ve learned this past year was to take 3 deep breaths and be intentional about showing pure love. That’s it. Love. Love to others and love to ourselves in whatever way is necessary. When we pivoted our thinking to showing only love (no negative), it calmed our hearts and our minds. And it allowed us to think rationally and with a positive mindset. In 2018, my prayer is that this trust in the Lord remains and grows stronger in all situations, good or bad.
  2. Be Intentional with my Time. I made this New Years intention last year and I gotta keep it on my list because I’m still working on it. I struggle with overbooking myself. I would say that in 2017, I improved a smidge but could do better. My goal in 2018 is to be more intentional with my time – time with Chuck, family, friends, and Fiercely Charming. One step we’re going to try to take is plan 1 night out each weekend. Some weekends, we have plans both Friday and Saturday night and by Sunday, we’re beat. So we’ll see how this 1 night out a weekend works but its a step in the right direction.
  3. Read 1 Book a Month. I’m typically a one book a year kinda gal. I know – terrible! I can do better. So this year, my goal is to read one book a month. I’ve started reading ‘Today will be Different’ by Maria Semple. I loved her book, ‘Where’d you go Bernadette’ that I had to read another so I’m starting 2018 with this one. Not only does it allow my brain to think outside of ‘work’ but it always forces me to read before I go to bed, rather than scroll through Instagram.
  4. Swear Less, Pray More. Ya’ll, I have a sailor mouth. It’s terrible. F-bomb comes out WAY too many times during a typical week. In 2018, I really want to be intentional and NOT swear so much. There are times where I say, ‘well, that was warranted.’ But I feel like it’s dumb. There is no need to throw F-bomb’s around. So unnecessary. When I’m getting into a discussion where I think I may swear, my first step will be to be ‘aware’ and then calm myself. Usually when I get passionate, I really start to swear, so if I can calm myself I believe I can stop swearing. I’ll keep ya posted on this one.
  5. You Do You. Comparison is the thief of Joy. My girlfriend told me that quote years and years ago when we were in college and it’s ALWAYS stuck with me because it’s so dang true. It is so easy to compare ourselves to all the ladies in your life or not in your life. The primary comparison I find myself getting wrapped up in is the ‘I want that!’ comparison mentality. And I realize that’s what makes it SO hard to truly be yourself – cause you’re constantly comparing or wanting what others have. Now, this is not to be confused with ambition – seeing someone with a beautiful kitchen or badass career and saying to yourself, ‘I want to aspire to build my own kitchen like that or have a badass career like her!’ is a growth mentality. In 2018, I’m doing me. And I’m letting you do you.
  6. Serve Family and Friends. My family and friends are the #1 part of my life that makes it so joyous and fulfilling. I firmly believe the primary reason we’re here on Earth is to build and nourish relationships. That’s it. So when I think about my friends and family relationships, I want to serve them with love, love and some more love. And in the way that I know they want to be supported.

What are your New Year intentions?

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