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Shoes: Sorel • Jeans: Rag and Bone • Sweatshirt: Ily Couture • Sweater: Revolve • Gloves: Amazon • Scarf: Free People • Earrings: David Yurman • Lipstick: Brave by MAC

With day 4 under our belt in 2017, I’ve finally finished my goals and resolutions and wanted to share. Because let’s be real, if I write them down, I have to stick to them. This year, I grabbed a notebook and literally listed out each goal – not in any particular order – that have been brewing in my mind the last few weeks. 2017, let’s go!

  1. Chuck and I. We’ve been married for 3 1/2 years now and I can honestly say they’ve been the best 3 1/2 years. My love for him has grown in a direction I didn’t even know existed. He is my best friend, my lover, and my partner in this world we call life. In 2017, we want to dedicate time for each other weekly. Not just dinner every night at home, but date nights once a week where we leave our cell phones at home. It is so easy to grab your phone and innately check Insta or Facebook. (Terrible, I know!) And the device problem is mostly me, so I need to work on that. Can’t wait for our date nights!
  2. Cherish my Time. I am infamous for overbooking myself/Chuck too, with dinners, girls nights, etc. I am very social but sometimes it is too much, even for an extravert. In 2017, I’m going to carefully book dinners/girls nights so that I’m not stressing myself out. Because after work, I’m exhausted and just want make some din din and relax with Chuck. (I swear, I’m getting old!). And I’m just going to be honest when I decline an invite. I tend to get nervous about what my friend is going to say if I can’t make it, but at the end of the day, almost 100% of the time, they completely understand.
  3. Remind myself – ‘Attitude is Everything’. It is so easy to have an irritable attitude or annoyed attitude with something or someone, whether its at work or with friends or your hubby. But we must always remember that there are a thousand worse situations than yours. In 2017, I want to remember that in those times – take a minute to adjust your mindset/attitude to remain positive.
  4. Thank you, Jesus. In October of 2016, I started saying, ‘Thank you Jesus’ sporadically throughout the day. Our pastor challenged us to try doing this to see what would happen. It’s been pretty amazing. The whole attitude section I talked about above, definitely shifted. Saying, ‘Thank you Jesus’ without adding any thing, person, or situation to it, allows the Lord to speak to you. I feel like in the past few months alone, I’ve been able to hear Him more than I ever have. And am reminded of those little things that we should be grateful for that we take for granted every day. In 2017, my goal is to continue to Thank Jesus throughout the day and grow in my faith in the Lord and his purpose for me.
  5. Exercise my Eyes, not my Thumb. Every night before bed, I sit there scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. My thumb should be skinnier than any other finger since I scroll so much. First off, I shouldn’t be looking at a device right before bed. I just know thats not healthy for me. Secondly. I shouldn’t be looking through pointless Instagram stories and pictures that add zero value to my brain. In 2017, I will spend 30 minutes before bed, reading. This way, I can actually say I’ve read a few books or dedicated time to my bible daily. Plus, I learned from Ariana Huffington, that the 30 minutes before bed should be a transition period so you sleep better. I’ll let you know how this goes.
  6. Always see people through God’s eyes, listen to people through God’s hear, speak to people through God’s mouth, and be compassionate through God’s heart. It’s so easy to judge people (even when you are unaware of doing it!) – judge their tone, why are they talking to my like that, why are they looking at me like that, why are they so upset, or are they upset with me? It’s so easy to have this dialogue in your head. And the #1 word that each of these questions have in common is – me. Believe it or not, it’s not all about you. Who knows what they’re going through at home, with their spouse, with their emotions, etc.! So my goal in 2017 is to always have eyes that view people with grace, love, and compassion. And not take it personally.
  7. Serve my Girlfriends. Each one of my friends have different personalities and their own unique demeanor. And I love each of them for their differing qualities.  They truly mean a lot to me – in so many ways. They are so supportive, loving and always have my back. To me, it’s super important to have girlfriends that you can chat about life with. I love the dynamic between me and my girls! Life is just better with them in it!  In 2017, I want to serve them more in whatever way they love best – quality time, check-in texts, cards, gifts, calls, etc. Girls, get ready for the Husum!
  8. ‘You go Nowhere By Accident’. On good days and bad days – at work or at home – it is such a good reminder to  know that, wherever you go, God is sending you there. Where you are, God has put you there.  God has a purpose in your being there.  At the end of the day, I need to remind myself to have faith in exactly where I’m meant to be. Christ, who lives in us, wants to do something through us where we are.  In 2017, my goal is to go everywhere with the intentionality of God’s grace, abundance, working in me, strengthening me, saving me, and always forgiving me.
  9. Fiercely Charming. My hobby is FC! I just LOVE it. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved clothes. I’ve loved dressing up and always getting a new outfit. (I blame my mom! She would always take me shopping and buy me something! Thanks mama!) But I always felt like it was so hard to break into the fashion industry, so I blocked that love of mine out of my head. Fast forward to 2 years ago – my bestie showed me my first fashion blog and just like that – I fell in love. I went home and research fashion bloggers and found a bunch of them that I loved – Rach Parcell, Katey MacFarland, Courtney Kerr, Emily Jackson and many more. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to create my own fashion blog with the goal of empowering women to feel beautiful in whatever they’re wearing without breaking the bank. My goal in 2017, is to continue to produce content, consistently. And just BE. My brain is always running 1000 miles an hour, trying to figure out how I take FC to the next level. What I have to remember is, it doesn’t matter how many social followers I have or how many likes I get on each post – all that matters is that I still love working on my blog and that God has a purpose in me doing it. I just need to be in the moment and know that the Lord has a vision for me.
  10. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Lastly, I just wanted to have fun! My type A personality makes me take small things too seriously at times. I can get irritated about silly things be too hard on other people. In 2017, I want to brush those small things off and move forward. I need to free up that irritable space and enjoy the real moments that count the most.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?